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Ben’s List 51

While this should be the copy that excites you to click/check out my list for the week, what if we just let you roll the dice and decide on your own whether you’re curious enough to peek in? Promise it’s short & sweet, just how you like it!

Alexandre Mars

Entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author Alexandre Mars on how and why his VC firm Blisce is the world’s only B-Corp certified fund.

Stewart Rogers

In this episode, I sit down with (former) digital nomad, journalist, and co-founder of the Badass Empire, Stewart Rogers, to discuss the future of events, winners and losers, and most importantly, mental health in the tech industry.

Emma Jackson

This week, force of nature and doer of cool stuff Emma Jackson stopped by to discuss where creatives fit into today’s data-driven world, 5G technologies, and how ADHD has affected her personal and professional life, and I got a message from my mom.

Volker Hirsch

Volker Hirsch drops by the studio to dish about Luciano Pavarotti, Venture Capital, Quantum Mechanics, and SPACs.

Monty Munford

On this Episode of the Selected podcast, industry legend Monty Munford stops by the studio to drop some serious knowledge about breaking into Bollywood (and you can too), the state of Crypto, and wtf DeFi is.

And Dan asks two good questions.

All this and more on Episode 21

Bindi Karia

Dan sits down with Bindi to discuss women in VC, Draper Esprit’s unique model, why she hates snowboarders, and why the New York Rangers are better than the Edmonton Oilers.

Nancy Fechnay

In this episode, we sit down with veteran venture capitalist Nancy Fechnay to discuss her focus on female founders and the announcement of an all-new syndicate with Joanne Bradford and Zem Joaquin. And the mushrooms in Bali.

Chris O’Brien

Veteran tech-journalist Chris O’Brien discusses the current state of the media, & how startups tech companies can get a journalist’s attention.

David “Shingy” Shing

Our podcast episode with digital prophet Shingy covers marketing, post-pandemic worlds and more. Listen now!

Ray Dargham

Ray and Dan discuss the genesis and pivot of Stepfeed, the state of virtual events, and what’s in store for The Step Conference, version 2.0.

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