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Unlocking insights to build meaningful connections in Tech Events

Embark on a journey with us as we uncover the strategies and tactics behind forging meaningful connections in today’s fast-paced tech world. Through engaging interviews, thought-provoking discussions, and expert insights, we aim to inspire, inform, and empower you. Get ready to dive deep, learn, and grow in our vibrant community of innovators and visionaries. Together, let’s explore the exciting possibilities that lie ahead!
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Christoph Sollich | Part I

Christoph Sollich, aka, The Pitch Doctor provides plenty of info about the elements of a winning pitch and top tips for startups right now (Part 1).

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Robin Wauter

Robin Wauters swoops by the studio this week to talk about his struggles with making sense of the present, and why NOW is the best time to be an entrepreneur.

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Ben Costantini

It’s the 007 edition of Selected, and there could be none other than the boss, Monsieur Ben Costantini.

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Raph Crouan

Seasoned event speaker and attendee Raph Crouan joins us to discuss the current state of Travel, Live Events, and the Venture Capital Landscape.

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Joanna Kirk

PR Specialist Joanna Kirk stops by to discuss what you should expect from a PR rep and why businesses, from startups to corporates, need PR now more than ever.

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Paul Papadimitriou

International MC, Speaker, and Strategic Consultant Paul Papadimitriou joins Dan Taylor this week to discuss events, the vaccines and what the vaccine passport will look like.

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International MC and Speaker, DanRam joins Dan Taylor this week to discuss the current state of affairs when it comes to the event industry.

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Renske van Kollenburg

In this episode Dan Taylor comes together with the international DJ, music journalist, moderator.. Renske van Kollenburg to look at mental health.

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Espree Devora

Dan Taylor – host of the Sesamers Podcast, sits down with the Queen of Podcasting, Espree Devora to talk about events, the pandemic, and why you should have a podcast.

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