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Unlocking insights to build meaningful connections in Tech Events

Embark on a journey with us as we uncover the strategies and tactics behind forging meaningful connections in today’s fast-paced tech world. Through engaging interviews, thought-provoking discussions, and expert insights, we aim to inspire, inform, and empower you. Get ready to dive deep, learn, and grow in our vibrant community of innovators and visionaries. Together, let’s explore the exciting possibilities that lie ahead!
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Daniel Dumig

Daniel Dumig’s Corporate to Innovation Journey Daniel Dumig’s transition from the corporate world to the realm of innovation is a fascinating journey. He recounts his

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Pere Duran

Discover Pere Duran’s journey through tech event management, from a sales coordinator to the director of the influential 4YFN.

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Scott Cohen

This week’s podcast highlights Scott Cohen, the innovative force behind The Orchard and Jukebox. Scott shares his fascinating journey from envisioning digital music distribution in its infancy to transforming music royalties with Jukebox. His unique insights and unwavering optimism in entrepreneurship paint a picture of a trailblazer reshaping the music industry landscape.

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Ben Bowler

Explore the journey of Ben Bowler, a musician turned tech innovator, who founded Aux to bridge the gap between music and technology. From launching ChewTV, a pioneering DJ live streaming platform, to creating Aux’s for artist revenue growth, Ben has consistently pushed the boundaries. Discover his latest venture, LoopGen, a groundbreaking AI-powered tool set to transform music production.

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Allen Bargfrede

Delve into the world of Allen Bargfrede, a visionary in the music and technology space. From pioneering transparency in the industry with Rethink Music to tackling metadata challenges, Allen’s journey is a blend of law, technology, and strategic innovation. Discover his insights on the rising trend of investing in music assets and his efforts in fostering a music-tech community, leading up to his latest endeavor, Music 2030.

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Paul Pacifico

Recorded live at MIDEM 2024, Paul Pacifico, CEO of the Music Commission of Saudi Arabia, discusses his unique career from banking to music and its impact on leading Saudi Arabia’s music evolution under Vision 2030.

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Tom Miskin

In this episode, Tom Miskin of Oslo Innovation Week discusses nurturing Norway’s startup scene. He covers Oslo’s ecosystem evolution, pandemic-era digital shifts, and the role of international VC. Learn how their community-driven format supports entrepreneurs and investors.

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Susanne Najafi

This week’s interview explores Susanne Najafi’s approach to embracing diversity in the VC sector. She highlights the importance of active investment discovery, unconventional networking, and data-driven decisions. Najafi’s firm, BackingMinds VC, focuses on overlooked areas and diverse teams, leading to higher returns and a broader entrepreneurial talent pool.

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Jenny Gyllander

In this week’s episode of the Selected podcast, Ben dives into an enriching conversation with Jenny Gyllander, founder & CEO of Thingtesting. Recorded live during Slush 2023 in Helsinki, their discussion spans a range of topics including entrepreneurship, investment culture, e-commerce, and the dynamics of the Tech event scene.

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Josefiina Kotilainen

This week’s episode features Josefiina Kotilainen, CEO of Finland’s Startup Foundation. Recorded live during Slush 2023, Josefiina’s shares insights behind her incredible career path & her belief that by 2050, 100 Finnish startups will be earning (at least) €100M in annually recurring revenue!

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Eerika Savolainen

We catch up with Eerika Savolainen, CEO of Slush, a nonprofit aimed at helping founders change the world. We chat about behind-the-scenes operations at Slush, a focus on deep tech, sustainabilty in events, maintaining diversity and inclusivity, and what the future of Slush holds.

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Miro LaFlaga

We sat down with Miro Laflaga, co-founder and brand strategist at Six Cinquième, for an intriguing conversation recorded live at TechBBQ 2023.

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