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Paul Pacifico


Career Diversity: Crafting Saudi’s Music Future

Paul Pacifico’s journey to becoming the CEO of the Music Commission of Saudi Arabia is a tale of diverse experiences shaping an ideal role. With a background that spans from banking to music, Paul’s multifaceted career has perfectly positioned him for this unique challenge. He mentions, “It requires all of the expertise from everything I’ve ever done in my life. Whether that’s from music or outside music,” highlighting the value of a varied career path in reaching such pivotal roles.

Vision 2030: Reshaping Saudi’s Cultural Scene

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is undergoing a seismic shift in its cultural landscape, driven by Vision 2030. This ambitious plan aims for economic diversification and a vibrant societal overhaul. Paul elaborates, “Music pushes change, pushes the envelope, but it also brings people together.” Music’s dual role in challenging norms and uniting people is at the heart of Saudi Arabia’s transformative journey, making it a cornerstone of their cultural revival.

Saudi Arabia: A Land of Unexpected Diversity

Paul highlights the vastness and cultural diversity of Saudi Arabia, often surprising to many. He compares the country’s size to Western Europe, emphasizing varied landscapes and a fast-growing, predominantly young population. “70 percent of the population is under 35 years of age,” he notes, pointing to a digitally enabled and ambitious generation driving change.

Building a New Music Industry from Scratch

The Music Commission’s task of constructing a new music industry is both daunting and exciting. With no existing infrastructure, they are at liberty to design systems reflective of a future-facing economy. Paul delves into the complexities, “with everything we know about the history of the last 200 years and the evolution of technology from paper cards to blockchain, what would we like to do?” This blank slate approach offers a unique opportunity to innovate without legacy constraints.

Human Insight: The Core of Music Industry Evolution

Amidst the discussions about technology and infrastructure, Paul underscores the importance of the human factor. He argues that technology like blockchain is not a panacea, but rather a tool that needs to be used judiciously. “What you need is the data in the system,” he says, emphasizing the necessity of accurate and comprehensive data for effective management and distribution in the music industry.

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