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Jenny’s Slush-to-Startup Story

Jenny Gyllander reflects on her remarkable journey, beginning with her deep involvement in Slush’s growth and evolution, which significantly influenced her path into entrepreneurship. Having worked at Slush during its pivotal years from 2013 to 2015, she describes how these experiences fueled her passion for the startup ecosystem. Her career trajectory took her from Slush’s brand and marketing to the VC world in London and eventually to the inception of Thingtesting in the United States. Jenny shares, “Slush was my gateway into the world of entrepreneurship… I really fell in love with the world of entrepreneurship.”

The Unforeseen Rise of Thingtesting

Jenny delves into the origins of Thingtesting, initially a side project born out of her interest in reviewing emerging e-commerce brands. The project’s success surpassed her expectations, evolving into a comprehensive platform that now boasts a vibrant community and over 100,000 reviews. Jenny’s candid reflection on this journey highlights the platform’s organic growth and the crucial role of community engagement in its development.

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Innovative Monetization and Community Engagement

Exploring Thingtesting’s monetization strategies, Jenny discusses how the platform has innovatively diversified its revenue streams. This includes a blend of advertising, affiliate marketing, and a unique B2B model that assists brands in expanding their retail footprint. Central to these efforts is the platform’s commitment to authenticity and transparency in user-generated content, fostering a space where unbiased reviews thrive.

Managing the Integrity of Crowdsourced Reviews

One of the significant challenges Jenny highlights is ensuring the authenticity and quality of the vast array of user-generated reviews. She explains the rigorous process of identity verification and the use of sophisticated algorithms to detect and prevent fraudulent activities. This approach underscores Thingtesting’s dedication to maintaining a trustworthy and reliable platform for both consumers and brands.

Looking Ahead: Thingtesting’s Vision and Mission

As for the future, Jenny envisions Thingtesting becoming a go-to, transparent resource for consumer opinions, akin to a ‘Wikipedia of e-commerce’. Her ambition is to cultivate a platform that not only serves as a comprehensive database for reviews but also as a beacon for sustainable and responsible consumerism. The mission, as she articulates, is to empower consumers with honest, unfiltered information, enabling them to make informed decisions in an increasingly complex e-commerce landscape.

Jenny Gyllander’s narrative from a Slush participant to a visionary entrepreneur underscores the dynamic nature of the tech and e-commerce sectors. Her story is a testament to the power of passion, innovation, and community-driven endeavors in shaping the future of how we interact with and perceive the digital marketplace.

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