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We are a community of Tech-events lovers! As your go-to media source, we dive into the heart of the events & startups world, attend the most valuable events to bring you insider insights, exclusive interviews, and the ultimate guide to what’s important today!
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Our Story

Launched officially in June 2015, today Sesamers is the community for Tech-events lovers! We dive into the heart of the events & startups world, attend the most valuable events to bring you insights about what’s important today!

With 10 years of experience, we help innovative businesses to shine on stage, build better events and scale their influence strategy.Our media is focused on delivering exclusive behind the scene content,  featuring upcoming event profiles, expert interviews, industry deep dives & a wide range of podcast episodes.

Our Story

Events worldwide
Investors & speakers

Startup founders in our network

Passionate with tech events

Most startup professionals believe Tech events will continue to have a positive impact on their business.

That’s because Tech-events are often the best places to learn about new ideas, trends, formats & experiences happening all around the world, network and kickstart valuable connections. Events are like accelerators for the startup ecosystem, which provide insights into emerging trends, gather key players together and showcase technologies that are shaping our future. There every interaction opens the door to new possibilities and collaborations!

Dedicated to innovation

We believe that the right event at the perfect moment can be a game-changer for entrepreneurs

It’s this belief that inspired us to launch the pioneering event acceleration program for startups in 2015, in collaboration with over 35 Tech event partners worldwide. Fast forward to today, and Sesamers stands at the forefront of Europe’s Tech events scene, not just as a leading agency but also as a media powerhouse.

As we navigate these events from the inside, we’re not just attendees; we’re storytellers, capturing the pulse of the tech industry, engaging in meaningful dialogues with founders, experts, and investors. Our blog, podcast, and social media platforms are treasure troves of insights, offering guidance on which events can move you forward and how to maximise your presence there.

Embrace the Essence

At Sesamers, our core values serve as the compass guiding our journey in the tech-events landscape. We are more than just enthusiasts; we are driven by a set of principles that define our identity and shape our interactions within the community.


Fueled by our deep passion for tech-events, we are committed to sharing transformative insights, exclusive interviews, and comprehensive event guides.


We champion innovation ecosystems. Today, as a prominent player in Europe’s tech-events scene, we actively collaborate, and amplify industry stories.


Collaboration is at our core. We thrive on bringing together diverse perspectives, fostering valuable connections, and building a supportive community.


We strive for excellence in delivering accurate, valuable, and authentic information, ensuring our community receives the best of behind-the-scenes content.

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