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Tech-Music Fusion

Ben Bowler’s blend of music and technology led him to the founding of Aux. A jazz and funk drummer by training and a tech enthusiast by passion, Ben leveraged his unique skill set to create innovative platforms for artists and the music industry. “I started out as a musician…at the same time, I’ve always been interested in computers,” Ben shared. This dual interest laid the groundwork for his entrepreneurial ventures, starting with, a live streaming platform for DJs.

From ChewTV to Streamon

Ben’s first company, ChewTV, tapped into the burgeoning live streaming market, coinciding with the rise of Twitch and YouTube Live. Despite facing challenges with music licensing fees, the company gained significant traction with half a million users and was ultimately acquired by BandLab in 2015. His second venture, Streamon, addressed the economics of live streaming more sustainably, leading to a seven-figure acquisition by Wistia.

The Aux Philosophy

With Aux, Ben Bowler is delving into a deeper commitment rather than seeking a quick fix or a straightforward solution. He is earnestly tackling the multifaceted challenges that artists frequently encounter in music production and collaboration. “I embraced complexity…I wasn’t aiming for the typical startup approach,” Ben openly declared. By honing in on the detailed and intricate needs of musicians, Aux aspires to offer comprehensive tools that not only meet but also rival those found in other creative sectors.

Direct to Fan Model

Aux’s sister brand,, emerged from the realization that artists need more robust revenue streams. By acquiring a merchandise company and integrating it with Aux’s services, Ben is driving not just business revenue but also empowering artists to maximize their earnings through direct fan engagement. “Merchandise is fantastically profitable for artists,” Ben noted, illustrating the financial advantages of direct-to-fan sales.

LoopLM: AI in Music

Aux is set to launch a groundbreaking AI-powered sample library, demonstrating the untapped potential of generative AI in music. “It’s trained off a data set of samples generated by human producers…as an artist, you can type the sound you want,” Ben explained. This innovation could revolutionize music production by providing unique, high-quality samples, fostering creativity among artists.

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