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Pere Duran


Journey to Leadership: Pere Duran’s Evolution in the Tech Event Industry

Pere Duran’s journey to becoming the director of 4YFN (Four Years From Now) is a classic tale of growth and opportunity. Starting as a sales coordinator and climbing up to the sponsorship director at Mobile World Congress, Pere’s shift to a startup event was driven by a desire for new challenges. “I started being a sales coordinator, running around trying to get contracts signed,” he recalls. This highlight underlines the importance of seeking new opportunities and challenges, even if it means leaving a secure position.

A Decade of Tech Event Success: Celebrating Leadership and Growth

Celebrating a decade (technically 11 years, discounting the COVID interruption), 4YFN has shown remarkable growth and success. This year’s event is special, marking a milestone with over 900 exhibitors. Pere reflects: “It’s our 10th anniversary… We have two halls here inside Mobile World Congress, more than 900 companies.” This celebration not only marks a decade of progress but also showcases the event’s resilience and adaptability.

Mastering Tech Event Management: A Commitment Through the Year

Managing an event like 4YFN is a year-round endeavor. Pere emphasizes the continuous cycle of planning, organizing, and executing. He explains: “These four days for us are very intense because we are delivering an event, but as well, we’re designing the event for next year.” This takeaway highlights the perpetual motion behind successful event planning, where one event’s conclusion sets the stage for the next.

Scaling New Heights: Expanding and Adapting in a Post-COVID Era

In discussing growth and adaptation, Pere touches on the event’s expansion and the challenges of the post-COVID era. The introduction of a new hall and an increase in exhibitors and investors signifies significant growth. Pere notes: “We’ve opened another hall… We increased exhibitors by 200 companies.” This segment emphasizes the importance of adapting and scaling in response to changing times and challenges.

Encouraging Startup Ecosystems: The Event’s Leadership Mission

At its heart, 4YFN is dedicated to supporting founders and startups. Pere stresses the unique opportunity it provides for startups to connect with high-level executives and investors. “It’s not that easy to be a founder and meet high-level individuals,” Pere points out, underscoring the event’s role in bridging this gap. This highlight reaffirms the event’s commitment to fostering startup growth and providing valuable networking opportunities.

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