Volker Hirsch


Topics Discussed:

  • Q5 2020
  • 26 years. THAT is impressive
  • Hirsch Tailoring
  • The Rave Cave
  • Tenor sax. Because playing jazz is just cooler
  • Net-zero
  • Amadeus Captial Partners
  • Part-time VC, I recommend it
  • Deeptech focused?
  • Under the table texting and I got a qubit here
  • What is later stage investment?
  • What is holding Europe back from growth stage funding?
  • Do you want to play with China and East Asia, or with the U.S. and everybody else?
  • 92% of VCs say they offer value beyond capital; founders reply, “mmm yeah no
  • A quantum computer in the wild!
  • Hands-on, or hands-off?
  • The Lightning Round!

Your message aimed at a highly targeted audience. Let’s talk. dan@www.sesamers.com

  • Aaaaaaaaaaaand we’re back
  • SPACs ta-da!
  • “Deregulation at its best (?)” – Raph Crouan
  • The IPO process  – too hard?
  • The Shell, the merger, and the forward-looking statements
  • How it started, how it’s going
  • 0% interest rates
  • Ferraris and Guitars
  • Why did Europe not get first dibs?
  • Wirecard … doo dee dooo ….
  • Volker’s forward-looking statements

Your message aimed at a highly targeted audience. Let’s talk. dan@sesamers.com

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