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Ep. 21-Networking Genius: The Events Catalyst

“2022 is the year you network like never before, but after so long away from physical events, do we remember how to make the most of them?” Featuring Stephanie Lynch-Habib (CMO @GSMA) this interview is clearly of interest to anyone who’s curious how people are adapting to the return of IRL events and looking for ideas on how to get back into in-person networking!


Evolution of Messaging: Why Video Calls Are Here to Stay

Can you hear me okay? Can you see my screen? Oh, I think you’re frozen. And you’re on mute. Sound familiar? Questions and sentiments like these became the unofficial battle cries of the COVID-19 pandemic, when lockdowns and stay-at-home orders sent most of us to our home offices, couches, or kitchen tables to work remotely and in isolation – for many people, for the very first time.”

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