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James Vincent



  • You don’t sell, you create the environment for people to buy.
  • When something very new comes along, you have to go through phases of a shock absorber, a bridge, and a springboard.
  • We work with many French Founders like Nicolas Julia at Sorare, a company focused on NFT-backed football collector’s cards.
  • Look at Steve Jobs’ keynote speech for the iPad here. There’s so much to learn from that about introducing the new with the familiar.
  • Check out James Vincent’s podcast “Fast Company“, and his episode with Brian Chesky from Airbnb here.
  • Our equity is storytelling, so it’s not just money. It’s money with a point of view. Check out Fndr’s new VC fund announced at Slush here!
  • If you’re a great founder and you want a great story, come to Fndr.

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Shoutout to Dan Taylor for his contribution to this podcast.


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