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During VivaTech 2024 in Paris, we sat down with Paola Telfer, founder and CEO of Her company is at the forefront of mental wellness technology, using innovative AI solutions to transform how we approach mental health. This interview highlights Paola’s journey, her groundbreaking product, and the future of mental wellness technology.

The Inspiration Behind

Paola Telfer’s journey into mental wellness technology began with a personal crisis following a motor vehicle accident. She saw gaps in the market regarding mental health solutions and decided to bridge these gaps. “I realized that there were subtle levels of mind in your subconscious that were difficult to access precisely,” she explains. This realization led to the development of, aiming to make these transformative tools accessible to more people.

Innovative Neurofeedback Technology

One of the core components of is its neurofeedback technology. Users wear a headset and use a mobile app that transforms their biological signals, like heart rate and brain waves, into music and visuals. Paola shares, “It’s like a mirror for your mind, guiding you to deeper states of consciousness where you can rewire your stories.” This technology allows users to engage in deep mental exercises that can rewire their brains for better mental health.

Bridging Medical and Consumer Markets

While neurofeedback devices have existed in the medical space, aims to make this technology consumer-friendly. Paola emphasizes, “We wanted to redesign the electrodes entirely to make it super easy to use, with no paste in your hair, and seconds to get the signal going.” This user-centric approach ensures that the technology is accessible and effective for everyday use.

The Role of AI in Mental Wellness incorporates advanced AI to enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of its mental wellness technology. Paola highlights the importance of a clean data set for applying AI effectively. “We had to make sure the integrity of the data set was absolutely critical,” she notes. AI not only improves the precision of neurofeedback but also personalizes the user experience by adapting to individual needs.

Future Directions and Ethical Considerations

Looking ahead, aims to expand its reach and impact. The company is raising a $20 million Series A to scale its operations. Additionally, is exploring group coherence, where multiple users can synchronize their brainwaves and heart coherence for enhanced group dynamics. On ethics, Paola stresses the importance of transparency and simplicity in handling user data. “Your data should never harm you,” she assures, emphasizing the company’s commitment to privacy and ethical AI use.


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Recorded during VivaTech 2024, CEO Paola Telfer discusses how AI and neurofeedback technology are revolutionizing mental wellness. Learn about the inspiration behind, its innovative features, and the future of mental health solutions.


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