Reflecting on MIDƐM+ 2024: Music, Innovation and Collaboration


MIDƐM+ 2024 returns, redefining the music industry’s landscape with its latest edition! This year’s event brought an exciting fusion of music, technology, and innovative minds, showcasing how the festival continues to be a pivotal platform for creative discussion and groundbreaking ideas. From insightful talks on the influence of AI in music to showcasing the brightest music-tech startups, MIDƐM+ proves once more why it’s a must-attend event in the industry.

A new direction for MIDƐM+

Initiated in 1967, MIDƐM+ has been a pivotal event in the music industry landscape. After a pause due to the pandemic, the 2024 edition marked a triumphant return, reimagined with a focus on community, creativity, and the nurturing of young talent.

Reborn MIDƐM+ has a mission centred on human connections and creative empowerment. The festival’s diverse program, from talent shows to expert-led masterclasses, fostered an atmosphere of innovation and collaboration.

We are happy  to continue working with new MIDƐM+ and play a part in shaping a key music industry event. By arranging a selection of speakers who bring valuable insights into various music topics and facilitating opportunities for startups to pitch their innovative ideas at the event, we are thrilled to support and enhance the quality of industry events like MIDƐM+. To see where MIDƐM+ stands in the broader music event landscape, check out our roundup of top music events.

Insightful sessions on diversity, technology and investment dynamics

MIDƐM+ 2024 was graced with an thoughtfully built lineup of keynote speakers and panel discussions. The festival B2B conference kicked off with a compelling session featuring Yemi Alade, who shared her journey in the music industry and insights into the evolving African music landscape. Following globalisation narative, conference continued with a topics such as: “Internationalizing Emerging Markets through Diaspor”, provided with a in-depth look at how diasporas are playing a crucial role in bringing emerging genres like Reggaeton and Afrobeats to global audiences. These sessions not only offered valuable industry insights but also highlighted the festival’s and various stakeholders (investors, founders, labels) commitment to embracing diverse global perspectives.

Besides strong focus on culture, speakers explored technology dynamics in industry as well. In one of the sessions : “Take a Byte: Exploring the Latest Trends in Music Investment ”, experts like Fred Davis (Raine Advisors) and Per Sundin (Pophouse Entertainment) provided insights into the increasing trend of music rights purchases. As leaders of the industry, they examined the roles and strategies of various investment entities, stimulating a debate on whether the industry is witnessing a sustainable revaluation of music assets or an inflation of a precarious bubble.

Another highlight of the event was the panel about creators and industry relationships. Speakers addressed crucial questions about fair compensation for creators and the evolving role of labels in artist-centric monetization models. Industry leaders, including Richard James Burgess (A2IM) and Jeronimo Folgueira (Deezer), Bruno Crolot  (Spotify) discussed strategies for rebalancing financial outcomes for artists, both new and established. This session was particularly relevant for understanding how emerging business models are influencing the strategies of labels and impacting the livelihoods of artists in the digital age.

The European Union and the music industry

Since the music industry is growing and technological advancement might raise concerns for artists and culture, political involvement is crucial to advocating for the needs of creators. This is why the European Union’s involvement in MIDƐM+ 2024 presents its commitment to the music sector’s growth and its changes. 

Sessions facilitated meaningful interactions between political figures and industry professionals, showcasing the EU’s role in supporting the diverse needs of the music community. MIDƐM+ was attended by European Parliament members: Ibán García Del Blanco, Dr. István Ujhelyi, and Monica Semedo. As well as Senator Claude Kern, Mayor of Cannes David Lisnard and our close friend from the Ministry of Culture in Saudi Arabia Paul Pacifico.

Monica Semedo emphasised MIDƐM+’s role: “As a neutral platform, MIDƐM+ cultivates essential discussions and collaborations, addressing the music industry’s present and future challenges.” More of her thoughts → here.

Artificial intelligence: a double-edged sword

In addition to political contexts and discussing policies and new laws, one of the most engaging topics at MIDƐM+ was the impact of artificial intelligence in music creation. The session “AI Disruption: Navigating New Frontiers in Music Creation” presented varied perspectives on AI’s role. While some view AI as a democratising force in music, others voice concerns about its potential to disrupt traditional creative processes.

Andreea Gleesin, CEO of TuneCore shared, “AI brings unique opportunities for artists. It’s a tool that can enhance creativity and reach, but it’s vital to balance innovation with the preservation of artistic integrity. Artists use AI to write short texts, speed up the process, train their vice or even translate it to another language and reach bigger markets. So, AI gives me a positive feeling, we just need to learn how to use it wisely.”

Hands-on experience: workshops and speed meetings 

This year’s MIDƐM+ also offered a variety of workshops and interactive sessions, providing attendees with hands-on experiences and knowledge-sharing opportunities. Highlights included “Music for Films with Sacha Chaban” where the renowned composer delved into current trends and techniques in film scoring. Additionally, “From DJ to Artist and Music Producer with Joachim Garraud” offered an exclusive look into the evolution of music production and the rise of DJ Star status. Furthermore, this year participants had a chance to participate in a workshop powered by Kisskissbankbank to make meaningful connections or kickstart collaborations. 

Session: From DJ to Artist and Music Producer with Joachim Garraud

Spotlight on startups

Together with all the music-oriented panel discussions and practical experiences, MIDƐM+ was a great place for top music-tech startups to pitch their ideas. Nine brave companies from the United States, the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Mexico, Japan, and Poland presented their new ideas. We got to see behind the doors to innovations like AI-generated beats for soundtracks, newly launched social platforms for musicians to collaborate, and NFT-powered payment systems for creators. 

We asked these founders what they are doing at MIDƐM+ and their answer was simple: they look to find valuable connections, attract investments, pitch new clients, and most importantly, get reasonable feedback from the ones who will use their service or product in the near future. Interviews with startups will soon be released on our Instagram account @sesamers_media. Hit the following button and be the first to get them!

Special events and networking opportunities

MIDƐM+ 2024 wasn’t just about knowledge; it was also about feeling and emotion. Each evening, the festival transformed into a vibrant showcase of live music performances.

Artists like De la Soul, Black Star, Clara Yse and many more featured a diverse portfolio of musical talents and genres, providing a perfect blend of entertainment and industry networking opportunities.

The evenings were proof that MIDƐM+’s role is not just discussing the future of music but also celebrating its value: we all love music and have affection for it.

Sharing the experience

As we think back on our time at MIDM+ 2024, the passion and creativity that continue to shape our community from various angles and create a strong, forward-looking network inspire us. This event was not just a conference but an accelerator for future trends and collaborations. We look forward to bringing these insights and inspirations back to our community and contributing to the ongoing evolution of the technological landscape.

We already have something for you: exclusive talks with music industry veterans and music-tech founders, which we interviewed during the events.

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🙌 Attending MIDƐM+ 2024 has been a journey full of learning and inspiration (recap: first day, second day, third day).

Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes insights and expert interviews as we continue to explore the evolving landscape of events, innovation and technology 🚀

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