Top Pro Music Events 2023


MIDEM 2023

January 19-23 – France
Over the years, the world of music has experienced significant shifts and transformations. From the advent of digital formats that revolutionized how we consume and distribute music, to the resurgence of live performances that brought back the magic of experiencing music in person, these changes have been remarkable. Amidst this evolving musical landscape, one platform has played a pivotal role in witnessing and shaping these developments: Midem. As the leading international platform for the music industry, Midem has been at the forefront of these dynamic changes, serving as a hub where artists, professionals, and enthusiasts come together to explore new opportunities, forge connections, and navigate the ever-changing music business.

SXSW 2023

March 10- 19 – USA
Every year, in the month of March, professionals from around the world converge on an essential destination known as SXSW. This renowned event is not just a gathering, but an immersive experience that offers a multitude of opportunities.At SXSW, attendees can expect a diverse range of activities and attractions. The event features insightful sessions where industry experts and thought leaders share their knowledge and expertise, providing valuable insights into the latest trends, challenges, and innovations across various fields. These sessions cover a wide array of topics, ranging from technology and entrepreneurship to film, music, and comedy. Speaking of music and comedy, SXSW showcases the talents of emerging and established artists through captivating performances. Attendees can immerse themselves in the dynamic sounds of musicians from different genres or enjoy the laughter-inducing sets of renowned comedians. These showcases create an electrifying atmosphere that celebrates the power of live entertainment.

NIME 2023

May 31- June 2 – Mexico
The International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) is a global event that brings together researchers and musicians from various countries to exchange their expertise and cutting-edge research on the development of novel musical interfaces. Initially established as a workshop during the Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) in 2001, NIME has since evolved into an annual series of international conferences held worldwide. These conferences are organized by research groups specializing in interface design, human-computer interaction, and computer music, aiming to explore and advance the field of musical interface design.


June 4-10 – Greece
The upcoming International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing in 2023 is set to provide an extensive technical program that encompasses the most recent advancements in signal processing research and technology, along with their practical applications. This event will showcase a diverse range of activities including top-tier oral and poster sessions, keynote speeches, plenary sessions, perspective talks, tutorials, special sessions, exhibitions, demonstrations, industry workshops, and entrepreneurial presentations. With its broad scope and diverse offerings, the conference is anticipated to attract prominent researchers and industry pioneers from around the world.

Sonar +D

June 15-17-  Spain
At Sónar+D 2023, attendees will have the opportunity to witness, experience, engage in dialogue, and explore the utilization of AI in music and audiovisual production. The event will also delve into the ethical, industrial, and social implications that arise from its implementation. In addition, the program will feature a significant emphasis on the artistic community’s response to the climate emergency, with activities aimed at raising awareness and disseminating information. Through breathtaking multi-screen performances and technologically advanced shows, participants will be encouraged to contemplate fresh perspectives on our connection with the planet.

Sound and Music Computing Conference 2023

June 12-17-  Sweden
The 2023 Sound & Music Computing Conference and Summer School will take place in Stockholm, Sweden, 12-17 June 2023 and it will be organized by research groups in the field of Sound and Music Computing and Composition at both KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

Wallifornia MusicTech 2023

July 4-6 – Belgium
WALLIFORNIA, situated in the sunny city of Liège, Belgium, serves as an innovative Entertainment+Tech hub where startups, professionals, and investors collaborate to shape the future of their respective industries. With a primary focus on Music, Sports, Esports, and Gaming, WALLIFORNIA provides an ecosystem conducive to development and progress. It will bring together global professionals in the Music and Tech sectors. This summit is renowned for delivering inspiring talks on innovation, specifically tailored to startups, music professionals, and investors. Renowned speakers from diverse backgrounds, such as experienced professionals, successful entrepreneurs, visionary artists, and industry experts, generously share their valuable experiences and insights.

ICME 2023

July 10-14- Australia
The IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo (ICME) has been the flagship multimedia conference for the past two decades. Through the IEEE societies, the Conference serves as a forum to promote the latest advances in multimedia technologies, systems, and applications from both a research and development perspective.

Audio Mostly 2023

August 30- September- 1 – UK
Audio Mostly is an interdisciplinary conference on design and experience of interaction with sound that prides itself on embracing applied theory and reflective practice. Its annual gatherings bring together thinkers and doers from academia and industry that share an interest in sonic interaction and the use of audio for interface design. This remit covers product design, auditory display, computer games and virtual environments, new musical instruments, and education and workplace tools. It further includes fields such as the psychology of sound and music, cultural studies, system engineering, and everything in between in which sonic interaction plays a role.

DAFX 2023

September 4-7- Denmark
The 26-th Digital Audio Effects Conference (DAFx23) will be held on September 4-7, 2023 at Aalborg University, Copenhagen. This annual conference brings together research practitioners across the globe working with digital audio processing for music and speech, sound art, acoustics and related applications.DAFx23 is organized by the Multisensory Experience Lab. The conference will be held at the Copenhagen campus and features oral presentations followed by poster/demo sessions of accepted papers, keynote addresses, tutorials and demonstrations, and a social program.

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