Exploring the Future of French Tech at the Maddy Keynote 2024


What is the Maddy Keynote about?

The Maddy Keynote 2024 will include panel discussions, keynote talks, fireside chats, and the possibility, in between sessions, to go and have a look at an exclusive demo zone within the Nef of Palais Brongniart, showcasing the most innovative and ground-breaking tech solutions vetted by Maddyness.

What makes the French entrepreneurial and technological ecosystem unique compared to its European counterparts?

Following a difficult 2023 that saw decreased funding and more layoffs, French startups will face another difficult year in 2024. Despite President Emmanuel Macron’s optimistic outlook for the year, the economic climate remains uncertain, with a rise in company failures expected in the first half. The impact of the European Central Bank’s interest rate hikes in 2022 is anticipated to ease in the second half of 2024, potentially revitalizing startup investments.

The field of artificial intelligence (AI) appears promising, with notable startups like Mistral AI receiving substantial funding. Additionally, government measures introduced by Deputy Paul Midy aim to support startups, offering potential benefits and fostering innovation in the ecosystem. Despite the challenges, some anticipate a positive shift in the latter part of the year, particularly in sectors like AI and deep tech. However, the resilience of the ecosystem will be tested, and uncertainties persist amid the evolving economic landscape.

Can you tell us a bit more about the theme and how the speakers and program will reflect the overall motif? 

This year’s theme is “Transformation(s)”. It will encompass various key areas and challenges in the business and tech landscape.

Our speakers will discuss transformation through many issues, such as how AI is reshaping the boundaries of the business world, the challenges and opportunities of financing in a cashless world, the intersection of innovation and public procurement, the impact of human activities on space exploration, and the role of DeepTech in the long-term economy.

Can you tell us a bit more about the speaker lineup for this year?

The speakers represent a wide array of backgrounds, including major figures from the tech ecosystem, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Confirmed speakers include Clara Chappaz, Maya Noël, Virginie Lazès, Pierre Brousseau, Nicolas Merleaud, Paul Courtaud, and Evgenia Plotnikova, with more to be announced!

How does the Maddy Keynote support and encourage collaboration and innovation across sectors?

The event covers a wide range of themes, from AI and investment to ethics and sustainability. This diversity attracts participants from various sectors, encouraging cross-industry collaboration. We have invited influential keynote speakers and thought leaders, providing attendees with valuable perspectives, insights, and discussions through Q&A sessions.

Startups can showcase their innovations and technologies in a dedicated demo zone, encouraging networking with entrepreneurs, investors, and potential partners. However, the most notable side event presented for the first time at Maddy Keynote 2024 will be the Maddy VC Night, a prelude dinner organized the night before the event for a handpicked sample of 120 French and international VCs and LPs. They will be invited to enjoy the Maddy Awards ceremony in the Salon d’Honneur of Palais Brongniart, during an exclusive networking dinner.  

Can you explain more about the nomination process, criteria, and the evening itself of the Maddy Awards?

Nominations for the Maddy Awards are open to individuals who have significantly contributed to innovation in France. This includes founders or co-founders of startups, venture capitalists (VC), corporate venture capitalists (CVC), limited partners (LP), service providers in the innovation sector, and change-makers. Candidates can submit their nominations by completing an online application process before February 29th. Each candidate will need to provide information about their achievements.

Criteria revolve around demonstrating a noteworthy impact on innovation, entrepreneurship, and positive change in the French ecosystem. The Maddy Awards ceremony serves as a platform to honor and recognize the outstanding achievements of individuals in the innovation and entrepreneurship space. Winners are announced and celebrated during the prelude dinner on March 27th.

To learn about Maddy Keynote 2024 >> visit here.

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