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The CreAtIve Revolution

Lead Singer
Photo by Austin Neill / Unsplash

Artist x AI

Canadian electronic pop artist Grimes is notably one of the most vocal celebrity musicians when it comes to her support for AI. Earlier this year, she introduced Elf.Tech, an AI tool with the unique capability of allowing users to record their own voices and then transmute them into Grimes’ signature voice. Going a step further, Grimes made a remarkable commitment to share royalties equally with anyone who manages to create a hit song using her voice through the software. She even expressed her intention to grant creators across the spectrum the freedom to use her voice without any legal repercussions, all in an earnest attempt to “open-source” the realm of art and challenge the traditional boundaries of copyright.

Person with headphones playing video game
Photo by Fredrick Tendong / Unsplash

Gaming x AI

AI integration in gaming ushers in a new era of dynamic and adaptive experiences. A prime illustration is the application of AI to govern non-player characters (NPCs), granting them the ability to fine-tune their actions based on a player’s decisions. This process of learning from player interactions imbues NPCs with a broader spectrum of conversations and actions, enriching the gaming universe. One of the most renowned use cases of AI in gaming can be found in “The Last of Us,” where NPCs demonstrate exceptional skills in detecting enemies and adapting their actions accordingly. These advancements increase the tension of survival narrative and immerse the players in the unfolding story.

Music production workflow
Photo by Ivan Jermakov / Unsplash

Music Production x AI

AI music generators are a transformative force, democratizing music creation for all creatives. AI tools are expanding the realm of creative possibilities. Among the luminaries in the world of AI music generators, Mubert shines brightly. It caters to the needs of content creators, musicians, and businesses looking to elevate their marketing videos or in-store experiences with customized music. Mubert’s versatile API empowers users to craft personalized music and soundtrack experiences for seamless integration into their apps, games, and other platforms. Furthermore, AI-generated tracks can be showcased and monetized through Mubert Studio, a dedicated marketplace designed for finest AI compositions. Mubert even offers users the possibility to curate existing music into playlists, meticulously tailored their preferences.

Slate It
Photo by Jakob Owens / Unsplash

Cinema x AI

Step into the intriguing universe of AI moviemaking, where filmmakers embrace the peculiar allure of DALL-E’s photographic precision. As Stephen Parker from Waymark, the Detroit-based video creation company responsible for “The Frost,” points out, they reached a point where they ceased to resist the allure of absolute photographic accuracy and, instead, embraced the oddities that DALL-E had to offer. “The Frost” is a 12-minute cinematic creation, with every single shot meticulously crafted by an image-generating AI. It stands as one of the most remarkable and unconventional examples of this emerging genre.

Photo by Anthony Tuil / Unsplash

Another industry disrupted by generative video tools is advertising industry. Companies like Waymark, Softcube, Vedia AI, and Private Island specialize in providing businesses with fast and cost-effective tools to produce customized video ads. Private Island, in particular, leverages various technologies to streamline post-production and visual effects, such as creating 3D scenes from 2D images using NeRFs and extracting motion-capture data from existing footage through machine learning. These innovations are reshaping how commercials and advertising content are created and produced.

The profound impact of artificial intelligence on creative sectors is undeniable. If you’re interested in exploring the intersection of creativity and AI, we invite you to check out MIDƐM+ 2024 Start-up Battles built for brillant minds disrupting the creative sectors with their innovations!


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