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Top Startup Events & Conferences in 2024


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CES 2024

Jan 9-12 – USA

The event in Las Vegas is the ultimate global tech gathering, attracting over 130,000 industry professionals, including 6,000 media members, and featuring more than 4,000 exhibiting companies. It’s renowned for its role as the world’s premier showcase for breakthrough technologies, innovation, and the future of consumer electronics. The event spans across various sectors, including automotive, healthcare, robotics, and more, making it a dynamic hub for discovering the latest tech advancements and trends.

DLD Munich 24

Jan 11-13 – Germany

The DLD Munich 2024 event is a leading European innovation conference that brings together a diverse group of business leaders, world-class scientists, artists, designers, startup founders, and investors. The goal of the event is to facilitate unexpected connections across various fields and industries.

IPEM Cannes 2024

Jan 23-25 – France

Since 2016, IPEM Cannes has been a key event for Europe’s private markets, offering a unique setting for industry leaders to engage and network. It’s a crucial platform for investors, fundraisers, and advisors, fostering significant connections and deals within a dynamic environment. The event’s distinctive atmosphere not only facilitates strong networking but also creates an impactful experience, distinguishing it in the industry.

Photo by Alexandre Pellaes / Unsplash

MID3M+ 2024

Jan 24-27 – France

MID3M+ MuSee Discovery Experience is set to provide a prominent neutral platform for discussions, influence, and collaboration regarding the present and future challenges facing the music industry. In the upcoming 2024 edition, the goal is to foster debates and facilitate the alignment of perspectives during special moments of interaction between political figures and the music industry ecosystem.

Future Fest 2024

Jan 24-27 – France

This premier event propels participants to break through the ordinary, to dream and innovate beyond the boundaries of today. Previously welcoming giants like Binance and Google Developers, it’s a crucible for futuristic ideas and impossible challenges, turning them into reality.

Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival 2024

Feb 3-4 – United Arab Emirates

The Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival (SEF) 2024 is a dynamic and inspiring event that takes place at the Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park on February 3rd and 4th, 2024. This festival is a convergence point for aspiring changemakers, innovative entrepreneurs, and global visionaries. It offers hands-on workshops, thought-provoking talks, and opportunities to pitch to leading investors.

GOWEST Conference

Feb 7-8 – Sweden

This premier venture capital forum in Gothenburg, West Sweden, is a beacon for startups, scaleups, and investors, highlighting the region’s industrial heritage and innovative spirit. It’s a pivotal gathering for networking, match-making, and showcasing cutting-edge research and development, driving forward the narrative of tech growth and investment.

Stockholm Fintech Week 2024

Feb 12-16 – Sweden

With over 1,200 attendees, 70 global leaders, and 200 startups participating, it hosts a two-day conference covering 10 fintech tracks, along with a series of side events. The agenda spans topics from regulations to AI in fintech, fostering a hub for collaboration and innovation within the financial technology community.

Step Dubai 2024

Feb 21-22 – United Arab Emirates

The STEP Conference in Dubai is a premier tech festival that stands as a beacon for innovation in the MENA region. The event boasts an impressive lineup of nearly 100 industry leaders who share their insights across multiple domains, including fintech, AI, and digital media. It’s a vital arena for startups to network with an extensive community of investors and peers.

The Tech Arena

Feb 22-23 – Sweden

This event is set to be a landmark gathering in Scandinavia, uniting business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and decision-makers in a dynamic and diverse environment. It focuses on innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainability, showcasing a vibrant program that includes keynotes, panel discussions, and interactive sessions.

Photo by Product School/ Unsplash

Web Summit Qatar 2024

Feb 26-29 – Qatar

This premier Tech event will attract over 7,500 participants, including more than 400 startups and 300 investors. It’s a hub for innovation, offering a vast platform for tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders to connect and collaborate. The event is pivotal in highlighting emerging tech trends and fostering global business opportunities.

4FYN 2024

Feb 26- 29 – Spain

In its 10th year, the event is scaling up with more halls, stages, and speakers, enhancing programs for greater engagement and expertise. Celebrating a decade of startup empowerment, 4YFN 2024 will focus on growth, AI and startup funding while offering enriched opportunities for networking, insights, and investments.

Photo by Noiseporn/ Unsplash

MWC Barcelona 2024

Feb 26- 29 – Spain

Set in the vibrant city of Barcelona, MWC is a premier event for the mobile technology industry. It’s renowned for its rich agenda including discussions on 5G & Beyond, AI, and digital transformation. The conference fosters innovation through the Diversity4Tech program, GSMA Mobile for Development, and the Sports Tomorrow Congress, focusing on the intersection of tech with fintech, mobile commerce, and smart mobility, promoting cross-industry collaboration.

Finovate Europe 2024

Feb 27-28 – UK

This leading fintech conference is a hub for over 1,000 senior decision-makers in the financial sector, with more than half of the attendees being executives from banks and financial institutions. It features over 35 innovative fintech demonstrations and insights from over 100 influential speakers. The event is an unmatched platform for networking and gaining industry insights, attracting a high caliber of participants, including C-level executives and directors from various financial institutions.

Photo by Jakob Dalbjörn / Unsplash

South by Southwest 2024

Mar 8-16 – USA

South by Southwest (SXSW) 2024, set to take place from March 8-16 in Austin, Texas, is a celebration of the convergence of technology, film, television, music, and comedy industries. This annual event is a destination for global professionals and offers a plethora of activities including conference sessions, film and TV festival screenings, music festival showcases, comedy sets, exhibitions, competitions, and awards. SXSW is designed to foster discovery, learning, professional development, and networking among creatives from around the world.

Investors’ Forum 2024

Mar 20-21 – Switzerland

This distinguished conference is recognized for its exceptional content and the high caliber of its delegates, bringing together leading limited partners (LPs) and general partners (GPs) in the private equity space. It is lauded for offering cutting-edge industry insights and facilitating high-level discussions and networking in a non-commercial setting.


Mar 21-22 – Belgium

As part of the Flanders Technology & Innovation Festival, this event reinvents a renowned venue into a dynamic space for entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors. It’s known for its inspiring atmosphere, fostering connections and sparking empowerment through interactive sessions and keynote presentations from national and international speakers.

Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2024

Mar 21-22 – France

Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2024, created by Hello Tomorrow in 2011, is dedicated to accelerating deep tech solutions to improve human and planetary health. The summit connects startups, investors, corporates, and researchers, focusing on emerging technologies rooted in science and engineering. It emphasizes innovations that can solve global problems and create new markets, fostering an ecosystem that transcends traditional sectors and disciplines.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦 / Unsplash

START Summit 2024

Mar 21-22 – Switzerland

This exceptional event offers 30 early-stage startups a golden opportunity to present their ventures to industry leaders, seasoned founders, and Europe’s top venture capitalists. It is destined to become a wellspring of inspiration for innovators and entrepreneurs of both today and tomorrow. Following the Quarterfinals, the Semifinals and Finals will take center stage, marking a pinnacle of excitement during the event.

ChangeNOW 2024

Mar 25-27 – France

Scheduled to be hosted in Paris, this significant event is dedicated to expediting and igniting transformation for a sustainable planet. It assembles more than 1,000 solutions and features 500 speakers, with the goal of uniting change-makers spanning diverse sectors. This gathering provides a forum to exhibit inventive solutions, facilitate the exchange of ideas, and drive meaningful impact in addressing global challenges.

Photo by Matthias Wagner / Unsplash

Web Summit Rio 2024

Apr 15-18 – Brazil

This premier technology event is where over 30,000 people gather, bringing together a mix of CEOs, founders, investors, and cultural figureheads to share expertise and foster connections. It’s celebrated for its impressive array of speakers, unparalleled networking opportunities, and a unique software to enhance attendee experience. This event is a significant hub for the tech community, especially highlighting the burgeoning tech scene in South America.


Apr 16-17 – Sweden

SaaSiEST 2024 is a prominent event in the Nordic region dedicated to B2B SaaS companies. It serves as a congregation point for over a thousand CEOs, founders, executives, SaaS professionals, and venture capitalists. Attendees can anticipate more than 50 speakers, engaging in meaningful networking, and enjoying the vibrant atmosphere that includes food, social side events, and a celebratory party​.

TechChill Riga 2024

Apr 17-19 – Latvia

A major Baltic tech and startup event in Riga, Latvia is on the horizon, bringing together international and local investors, founders, and ecosystem players. It will explore Frontier Technologies, Startup Growth, and Changing Rules, connecting over 2,300 attendees, 310 startups, and 230 investors while showcasing emerging innovations.

Startup Grind Global Conference 2024

Apr 23-24 – USA

Startup Grind Global Conference 2024, happening in Silicon Valley, is an annual event that brings together startups aiming to make significant impacts. It’s a gathering place for startup teams, those working with startups, and investors. The event features a range of activities and opportunities for networking, learning, and showcasing innovative ideas, making it an essential platform for entrepreneurs and startups in various stages of growth.

Photo by Erika Giraud / Unsplash

EU-Startups Summit 2024

May 9-10 – Spain

An annual gathering set to take place in 2024, this event will bring together more than 2,000 European founders, investors, and startup enthusiasts. It offers exceptional networking possibilities, including a specialized app and a central hub for entrepreneurs and investors to connect. Notable attractions encompass fireside discussions with accomplished founders, enlightening keynotes, and a competitive pitch event showcasing Europe’s most promising startups.

PODIM 2024

May 13-15 – Slovenia

Podim 2024, one of Europe’s foremost tech and startup events, is set in Maribor, Slovenia. This conference serves as a melting pot for startups, investors, executives, and entrepreneurial enthusiasts, focusing on innovation and opportunity. Podim provides a platform for one-on-one meetings, pitching competitions, and showcases over 150 handpicked startups and 70+ international speakers. It’s a dynamic environment for networking and discovering the latest in the startup ecosystem.

Photo by charlesdeluvio / Unsplash Summit 2024

May 16-17 – UK

This essential tech industry summit, held in London, is dedicated to innovation and the pursuit of sustainable growth. It assembles a diverse community of entrepreneurs, investors, corporate executives, and policymakers, providing an invaluable platform for networking and in-depth discussions on the future of technology.

Infoshare 2024

May 22-23 – Poland

Taking place in Gdańsk, this is the largest tech event in Central and Eastern Europe, anticipated to draw more than 6,000 participants, including tech enthusiasts, developers, entrepreneurs, and investors. With a lineup of over 200 inspirational speakers and a variety of activities such as networking, knowledge exchange, and a startup competition, it stands out as a prominent gathering for the tech community.

Latitude59 2024

May 22-24 – Estonia

Latitude59, established in 2012 in Tallinn, Estonia, is a key tech and startup event, fostering a global community of founders, investors, and innovators. It’s known for its engaging environment, facilitating networking and showcasing emerging talents and ideas. Latitude59 offers a diverse array of speakers, startup pitches, and side events, attracting thousands from over 60 countries, underlining its role as a significant hub in the tech ecosystem.

VivaTech 2024

May 22-25 – France

Annually hosted in Paris, France, this premier event for innovation and startups unites a diverse community of business leaders, investors, researchers, and innovators. It serves as a hub for exploring the latest tech trends and promoting digital transformation. Distinguished by its dynamic collaborations and pioneering technologies, this event is a catalyst for product launches, networking opportunities, and discussions on the future of technology.

Saigon Summit

May – Vietnam

An influential hub for technology, the summit gathers over 700 professionals to foster innovation and collaboration, driving Vietnam’s booming digital economy towards its US$45 billion potential by 2025.

Photo by Dimitri Iakymuk/ Unsplash

Dublin Tech Summit 2024

May 29-30 – Ireland

Dublin Tech Summit 2024 is a significant event in the tech world, bringing together thousands of global leaders, startups, and investors. Set in Dublin, Ireland, it offers over 200 speakers and numerous networking opportunities, focusing on emerging technologies and innovation in the tech industry.

Money20/20 EU 2024

Jun 4-6 – Netherlands

It’s expected to draw over 8,500 attendees, 2,300+ companies, and 390+ sponsors from over 100 countries, along with 300+ members of the press and 350+ speakers. The event focuses on the collaboration between humans and machines in the financial ecosystem, showcasing stories of innovators and leaders in the field.

SaasTr Europa 2024

Jun 4-5 – UK

SaaStr Europa is a premier conference that brings together a vibrant community of SaaS innovators. With a tradition of insightful sessions and hands-on workshops, the event promises actionable advice for growing a SaaS business, fostering a dynamic learning environment for founders, executives, and investors.

South Summit 2024

Jun 5-7 – Spain

The event in Madrid is a leading entrepreneurial forum, featuring a diverse array of speakers and attracting a multitude of entrepreneurs and investors. It provides a platform for startup competitions and networking, promoting innovation and collaboration in the global startup ecosystem.

Arctic15 Startup Conference

Jun 6-7 – Finland

Arctic15 is a matchmaking haven, known for facilitating real connections among startups, investors, and corporates, all under the guiding principles of equality and quality interactions.

Photo by Product School/ Unsplash

London Tech Week 2024

Jun 10-14 – USA

Uniting over 30,000 tech enthusiasts, including key industry leaders, policymakers, and media from various corners of the globe, it features a robust lineup of more than 300 speakers and over 70 partners. The focus is on innovation, networking, and shaping the future of technology, catering to a broad spectrum of participants and fostering impactful discussions in the tech sphere.

DES Show 2024

Jun 11 – 13 – Spain

With representation from over 50 countries, it’s a premier event for exploring digital transformation, showcasing the latest in digitalization, emerging technologies, and sustainability. The program includes keynote speeches, workshops, and exhibitions, attracting a diverse group of executives, innovators, and entrepreneurs, making it a key venue for discussing technology and business strategies.

HTGF Family Day 2024

Jun 11 – 12 – Germany

This event is recognized as High-Tech Gründerfonds’ flagship networking occasion, offering a fusion of convention and conference experiences in Berlin.


Jun 17 – 20 – Canada

This landmark event assembles pioneers and pathfinders in technology, offering a venue for high-impact networking and the exchange of ideas that are shaping the tech industry. With a rich program including talks, masterclasses, and Q&As, the conference is a hub for innovation, learning, and collaboration.

TNW Conference 2024

Jun 20-21 – Netherlands

This Amsterdam-based tech festival is a vibrant convergence of technology and innovation. It features a diverse assembly of participants, including industry leaders, startups, and investors. The event is known for its dynamic blend of business, inspiration, and networking, offering a unique festival-like atmosphere.

Photo by Al Elmes/ Unsplash

Turing Fest 2024

Jul 9-10 – Scotland

TF is a uniquely multi-disciplinary event with extremely high value content, connections, and conversations for people building and scaling technology businesses.

European Blockchain Convention 2024

Sep 4-5 – Spain

The event in Barcelona is a key gathering in the blockchain sector, with over 5,000 attendees and 300 speakers. It’s a platform for exploring the blockchain ecosystem, featuring three stages, a large exhibition area, startup competitions, and numerous networking opportunities. This event is known for its influential presence in the blockchain community and its role in shaping the future of the industry.


Sep 10-12 – USA

This event marks a premier gathering for innovators and leaders in the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry, offering a dynamic platform for learning, networking, and growth. With a festival-style atmosphere, the conference features expert-led workshops, mentorship opportunities, and exclusive sessions aimed at fostering community and sharing actionable knowledge.

Bits & Pretzels 2024

Sep 29-Oct 1 – Germany

Bits & Pretzels began as a small gathering of 80 attendees with grand aspirations. Today, it has evolved into a prominent event, hosting 5,000 founders, investors, and industry leaders over three days. Held during the Munich Oktoberfest, it offers a unique blend of learning, networking, and business opportunities. This event has become a thriving hub for entrepreneurs seeking to expand their networks and gain a significant boost in their ventures.

World Summit AI 2024

Oct 9-10 – Netherlands

Seen by tech leaders as the platform to launch their latest AI products and services and regarded as the world leading startup and investor network, WSAI gathers the global AI ecosystem of Enterprise, Big Tech, Startups, Investors, Science and Academia to set the global AI agenda, every October in Amsterdam.


Oct 10 – Germany

The event gathers 500 B2B SaaS founders and executives along with 125 investors, creating a vibrant community for exchanging knowledge and networking. It features 50+ speakers and content sessions, tailored to different stages of business growth, including an exclusive track for early-stage ventures and a separate one for more developed companies, fostering a rich environment for SaaS development.

Saastock 2024

Oct 14-16 – Ireland

This conference is Europe’s foremost gathering for SaaS founders, executives, and investors, renowned for its focus on practical, actionable insights that drive business growth. Celebrated for its blend of expert speakers and dynamic networking opportunities, this event is a nexus for industry leaders aiming to scale their SaaS ventures.

Photo by Alex Kotliarskyi/ Unsplash

Web Summit 2024

Nov 11-14 – Portugal

Hosting over 70,000 attendees, it unites key players in technology, from industry leaders to fast-growing startups. Acclaimed as a premier tech conference, Web Summit is a pivotal platform for policymakers, heads of state, and tech CEOs to discuss future directions and innovations in the tech world.

Slush 2024

Nov 30-Dec 1 – Finland

With over 25,000 attendees, 2,000 startups, and 4,000 investors, it’s a massive gathering of industry leaders, tech enthusiasts, and innovators. The event features impactful discussions, startup showcases, investor meetings, and a unique atmosphere that fosters collaboration and growth. Slush is renowned for its role in shaping the future of the tech and startup ecosystem.

Conferences in 2024
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