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Selected Events for April

MicroConf Growth 2022

April 3-5 – USA
MicroConf Growth is focused on helping self-funded and indie-funded startups grow into seven- or eight-figure businesses through actionable tactics, inspiration, and their world-famous hallway track.

Non-Fungible Conference 2022

April 4-5 – Portugal
Built around talks, panels, workshops and parties this 2-day event will bring together artists, projects, platforms, collectors and investors from the global NFT community. They discuss gaming, art, collectibles and metaverse and how to make it profitable,  as well as the future of cryptoart and collectibles.

NFT Tallinn

April 6 – Estonia
A 1-day event filled with talks, panels, workshops and experiences that connects builders, creators, investors and other web3 industry pioneers from the global NFT community. The event brings together and will cover topics such as web3, gaming and NFT.

Bitcoin 2022

April 6-9 – USA
Bitcoin 2022 is a four-day pilgrimage for those seeking more information, curiosity and want to gain insights from the bitcoin community. They will cover perspectives of how bitcoin can participate to greater freedom and individual sovereignty. One of the world’s largest gathering of bitcoiners.

Alpha Wolves 2022

April 7-8 – Poland
Wolves Summit’s “Alpha Wolves” event brings together top-tier decision-makers from PE/VC funds and high-growth scale-ups to develop close business relationships and scale in Central Eastern Europe. The event will focus on the growth, insights and needed skills to effectively scale and take your business to the next level.

Paris NFT Day 2022

April 12 – France
Paris NFT Day, will gather some of the biggest players in metaverse, security, art, luxury, gaming and sports to unveil the true potential of NFTs and how they will remodel tomorrow’s business paradigms. Paris NFT Day will be journey into the business of NFTS and the Web3 Ecosystem.

Startup Grind Global Conference 2022

April 12-13 – USA
Overall, 15,000 community members will come together to learn and explore the next wave of the web, bridging the gap between web2 and web3, building human-centric products, impacting diverse communities.  Built for growing, evolving startups + scale-ups around the world. Join Global 2022 for meaningful networking and mentorship, developing deeper connections.

Paris Blockchain Week Summit 2022

April 13-14 – France
During two days, PBWS will host sessions about traceability, leveraging blockchain on the innovation journey, digital governance, what’s been built in 2021/2022, the state of digital asset liquidity and international regulatory cooperation. Renowned speakers from the some of the best blockchain and digital asset companies in the world will share their stories and insights on the market and its prospects.

MIX.E Energy Show

April 13-14 – France
MIX.E, will bring together European innovations, solutions and deployments for a carbon-neutral energy mix: renewables, hydrogen, storage and conversion solutions, networks and data management. With some applications in: Industrial use, Construction, Transportation & Urban planning. All engaged to achieve carbon neutrality by resilient and value-creating businesses!

International Conference on Urban Mobility for Smart Cities

April 14-15 – France
International Conference on Urban Mobility for Smart Cities that aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Urban Mobility for Smart Cities. The conference also provides a premier interdisciplinary platform to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of Urban Mobility for Smart Cities.

eMerge Americas

April 18-19 – USA
eMerge Americas are transforming Miami into the tech hub by partnering with the entire tech and entrepreneurial ecosystem, from government to higher-ed, startups to investors, corporate enterprises to media. Connecting the dots between talent, capital and entrepreneurs. Attracting people around the world to come to Miami to launch, build, and successfully scale their ideas.

Sthlm Fintech Week 2022

April 19-22 – Sweden
Sthlm Fintech Week is an annual event bringing together thought-leaders to foster new connections and enhance collaboration. During the event, participants will indulge in different fintech verticals, meet hundreds of world-class experts and participants join forces and share their experience.

Re-work: New York Summit 2022

April 21-22 – USA
Discover advances in AI and machine learning tools and techniques from the some of the world’s leading innovators across industry, research and the financial sector. Find out how NLP and application can be used to create digital assistants, chatbots, and advances in NLP and application. And how conversational interfaces can improve customer experience and increase engagement.

c/o pop Convention 2022

April 21-22 – Germany
c/o pop Convention is a gathering for the music industry and cooperating sectors such as digital business, film, TV, games and advertising. It is a platform for networking and interaction for bands, artists and the entire associated ecosystem.

Startup Extreme

April 27-28 – Norway
One of the world’s most extreme 2-day startup events. Where hundreds of innovators, startups and investors from across Europe gather in the Alps of Norway to get inspired, network the Norwegian way and explore the next extreme bets.

SaaS Connect

April 27-28 – USA
Join this  10th annual SaaS partnership conference  to meet, network, learn from, and close deals with business development, partnership, marketing, platform, reseller, channel and distribution experts across SaaS.

TechChill 2022

April 27-29 – Latvia
One of the main tech and startup events in the Baltics bridging the gaps in knowledge, skills and network! TechChill brings together 2000+ attendees, including some of the fastest-growing startups, most innovative corporations, investors active in the region and talented tech enthusiasts. TechChill is organized by a non-profit foundation of the same name, empowering the Baltic startup ecosystem.


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