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In today’s age of invention and creativity, the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival is widely established. This knowledge festival is the event that companies, startups, investors, entrepreneurs, and others look forward to for a glimpse into the future of technology and its worldwide ecosystem.

After a two-year break, the annual event is returning to Tel Aviv in person. It will include the best brains from Israel and throughout the world, as well as a professional conference and side events, meetups, and parties devoted to innovation in every industry conceivable.

The Summit

Within the DLD Tel Aviv Festival, the Summit is a buzzing hub for leading business and digital professionals. It gathers the most creative and inventive people from Israel and around the world to share their innovative ideas. DLD Tel Aviv invites entrepreneurs, tech geeks, and outside-the-box thinkers to be part of our community and the Summit.


Speakers: 90+


Key topics:

  • Expand your network: Share your creations, learn from the best, and build your network in the Web3 and robotics industries
  • Examine the emerging economies: Fintech, Edutech, AI, loT, healthtech etc
  • Take advantage of a number of conferences: seminars, shows, meetups and round tables with experts in all dedicated to innovation in every sector imaginable.

Practical Information

Date: February 1-3, 2023
‌‌‌HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel
‌‌‌Language: English



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