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Ben’s List 45


Technology Predictions 2022

“2021 has witnessed record-breaking growth in global technology M&A activity, driven by the need for companies to stay competitive and innovative during the unprecedented times we are in, which is considerably changing consumer habits. Companies are also rethinking their supply chains due to shifting geopolitical relations, trade wars, and environmental concerns.”

10 Tech Events of 2021 That Will Shape the Future

“When we look back on this year, we may very well see it as the end of big tech regulating itself. User safety and network accountability, not user engagement, is crucial for the long-term viability of digital and real-world societies. Web 3.0 and a more open, collaborative and accountable paradigm promises to change online interaction for the better.”


The Steep Cost of Capture

“Modern AI is fundamentally dependent on corporate resources and business practices, and our increasing reliance on such AI cedes inordinate power over our lives and institutions to a handful of tech firms. It also gives these firms significant influence over both the direction of AI development and the academic institutions wishing to research it. Meaning that tech firms are startlingly well positioned to shape what we do—and do not—know about AI and the business behind it, at the same time that their AI products are working to shape our lives and institutions.”


The 73 Best Resources for Web3 Community Builders

“We’ve put together the best resources on community building in the web3 space that we found during our research. We hope you find them useful as well.”

The Pareto Funtier: More fun making money, and more money having fun

“Most of the decisions we make can be boiled down to fun and money… You wouldn’t choose a job that’s a 2 on fun and a 3 on money when a job that’s a 3 on fun and a 5 on money is available to you. You could, however, choose among options that add up to the same total from different angles. Jobs that are 2 on fun and 6 on money, 3 on fun and 5 on money, and 4 on both fun and money might be equally attractive. These equal choices are Pareto efficient.”

Rethinking “gamification” for DAOs

“Immediately upon entering the Web3 rabbit hole, one realizes that it’s hard to talk about crypto without also talking about gaming — specifically a highly financialized form of “gamification” revolving around microtransactions and “play-to-earn” (P2E) incentive design, whereby players win real tokens with real financial value for specific behaviors or achievements.”

Web3 won’t save us


Our favorite Chrome extensions of 2021

“All year, developers from around the world build Chrome extensions that make browsing easier, more productive and more personalized — whether you’re on the web to work, learn, play or all of the above. Today, we’re sharing our favorite extensions of the year that help people continue to virtually stay connected, get things done and have some fun along the way. Let’s take a closer look at them.”

How An Excel TikToker Manifested Her Way To Making Six Figures A Day

“Just listen in this conversation how easily and quickly Kat can go back and forth between talking about her core business metrics and strategies and harnessing her energy to connect with viewers across devices and platforms. I have spoken to a lot of creators and a lot of executives on this show; I have never met one like Kat. If you’ve been listening to this show, you might have guessed that I am not the sort of personality type that goes in for energetics and manifestation, but Kat was convincing.”


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