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Top 5 Venture Capital Firms in Sweden


Venture capital in Sweden plays a crucial role in propelling innovative startups to success. This post explores the top 5 venture capital firms that are essential in shaping Sweden’s vibrant entrepreneurial landscape, highlighting their impactful investments and strategic guidance.

We took into account the number of deals per year to create this list.

Almi Invest

Almi Invest is Sweden’s most active early-stage investor, focusing on startups. They offer venture capital, particularly in the early stages of business development. Almi Invest operates as a state-owned enterprise and seeks to support sustainable growth in companies, bridging the gap to private venture capital. They have a GreenTech fund dedicated to climate-smart investments that reduce CO2 emissions. In addition to venture capital, Almi also provides loans, a Verification Fund, and guidance in business development for small and medium-sized enterprises. Startups can pitch their ideas to Almi Invest through their website.

Sector focus: Software, Health Care, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Biotechnology

Round: Seed

Total investments: 608

Founding Year: 2009

Notable Investments: Nordic Forestry Automation, Trackpaw Scientific, UTI-lizer, TeraSi, Big Akwa

Chalmers Ventures AB

Chalmers Ventures is a leading deep tech investor and venture builder in the Nordics, specializing in taking deep tech from lab to market. Their unique approach combines venture creation and tech investments within one organization. Focused on research-based technology, they identify market potential, match teams with technologies, and support startups through the entire journey until exit. Their process includes identifying, shaping, starting, validating, and scaling companies, aiming for sustainable growth and impactful exits. Chalmers Ventures plays an active role in building and investing in these companies, reinvesting profits to support new research.

Sector focus: Software, Biotechnology, AI, Health Care, IT

Round: Early Stage Venture, Seed

Total investments: 211

Founding Year: 2015

Notable Investments: Vividye AB, ReVibe Energy, ANYO Labs, Adsorbi, Amferia

EQT Ventures

EQT Ventures is one of Europe’s largest venture capital funds, specializing in early-stage tech startups. They invest in a diverse range of companies, from mobile games to quantum computing. EQT Ventures is known for their unique approach, which includes a team of company builders, engineers, designers, data scientists, and scaling experts. They also use an AI-driven tool called Motherbrain to identify promising startups. Their team and approach reflect a deep commitment to supporting innovative technology companies.

Sector focus: Software, AI, SaaS, App, IT, FinTech

Round: Early Stage Venture, Late Stage Venture, Venture

Total investments: 184

Founding Year: 2016

Notable Investments:Griffin, 1X, Qevlar AI, Parloa, Varjo


Creandum is a venture capital firm that supports and invests in early-stage technology startups. They are known for their commitment to helping founders grow their companies into successful businesses. Creandum focuses on backing companies with innovative ideas and strong leadership teams, aiming to support them through various stages of their development. Their portfolio includes various successful companies, reflecting their commitment to supporting innovative tech startups.

Sector focus: Software, Information Technology, Mobile, Mobile Apps, Financial Services

Round: Early Stage Venture, Late Stage Venture, Seed

Total investments: 245

Founding Year: 2003

Notable Investments: Embat, Doinstruct, Monta, Kosmik, CAST AI

J12 Ventures

J12 Ventures is a venture capital firm that specializes in early-stage investments, particularly focusing on companies building software infrastructure and AI applications for enterprises and consumers. They emphasize supporting founders with unique ingenuity, curiosity, and resilience. Based in Stockholm, London, and Paris, J12 Ventures is committed to backing founders who are shaping the AI era.

Sector focus: Software, AI, E-commerce, SaaS, Health Care

Round: Early Stage Venture, Seed

Total investments: 39

Founding Year: 2020

Notable Investments: Jimini AI, CYBR, Codeball, NewShades, Deasie


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