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Top 5 Venture Capital Firms in Italy

Italy, with its rich history and culture, is also a burgeoning hub for technological innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. The following five venture capital firms represent the forefront of this transformation, showcasing Italy’s commitment to fostering groundbreaking ideas and businesses.

These firms are not merely investors but catalysts of change, driving innovation across diverse sectors from technology to sustainability. By supporting ambitious startups and visionary entrepreneurs, these venture capital firms are also shaping a resilient and forward-thinking Italian economy.

We took into account the number of deals per year to create this list.

LVenture Group

LVenture Group is a dynamic venture capital company that focuses on investing in early-stage startups. They are dedicated to shaping the future of entrepreneurship by supporting innovative and groundbreaking ideas. Their approach is centered on nurturing startups, enhancing capital value, transforming corporate strategies, and fostering innovation in a collaborative ecosystem. With over 130 accelerated startups, a network of 50+ advisors, and a significant investment portfolio, LVenture Group plays a pivotal role in promoting change and growth within the entrepreneurial community. They offer a unique space for innovation, organizing over 300 events annually, and have created a vibrant community of game-changers and key players in innovation.

Sector focus: Software, E-commerce, Saas, IT

Round: Early Stage Venture, Seed

Total investments: 158

Founding Year: 2013

Notable Investments: Kiwibot, Pipein, Reasoned Art, Ittinsect, olivia

CDP Venture Capital

CDP Venture Capital SGR is an Italian investment firm focused on fostering the growth of the Italian venture capital ecosystem. They specialize in both direct and indirect investments, aiming to promote the development of innovative startups and companies. With a strategy that includes the creation of Acceleration Programs and Technology Transfer Hubs, CDP Venture Capital SGR plays a significant role in stimulating overall market growth. Their initiatives are geared towards enabling companies, investors, and startups to find new opportunities for growth and development, contributing to the sustainable growth of the Italian venture capital landscape.

Sector focus: Software, Health Care, Information Technology, Education, Medical

Round: Series A-B

Total investments: 136

Founding Year: 2015

Notable Investments: Tau Group, MOGU, Cents, D-Orbit, W•SENSE


LIFTT is a venture capital firm that focuses on creating a unique synergy between business creation and investments. Their approach is not solely driven by profit, but also aims to bridge the gap between innovative ideas, local territories, and capital. With a commitment to support talent and future development in their country, LIFTT plays a crucial role in the journey from research to market. They specialize in technology transfer and deriving value from research results, emphasizing the importance of new technologies and entrepreneurship in an unpredictable society.

Sector focus: Software, Biotechnology, Health Care, Information Technology, E-Commerce Platforms

Round: Seed

Total investments: 53

Founding Year: 2019

Notable Investments: NeoPhore, ALKemist Bio, Entropica Labs, PrediSurge, INTA Systems


P101 is a prominent venture capital firm based in Italy, committed to supporting and partnering with teams that are focused on building impactful companies. With a philosophy of investing in people committed to positive change, P101 backs resilient, intelligent, visionary, and purposeful entrepreneurs. The firm manages a substantial portfolio and has achieved a number of successful exits, showcasing their effectiveness in nurturing startups. Their approach emphasizes early partnership with founders, aiding in the transition from idea to market success.

Sector focus: E-Commerce, Software, Internet, Retail, Mobile

Round: Early Stage Venture

Total investments: 90

Founding Year: 2013

Notable Investments: Aptus.AI, Habyt, Mama Health, AppQuality, 1000Farmacie

Club Italia Investimenti 2

Club Italia Investimenti 2 (Cii2) is a Milan-based investment company specializing in Venture Capital. Founded in 2013 by a group of entrepreneurs deeply involved in innovation and investment in high-tech startups, Cii2 focuses on investing in and supporting companies with significant technological content. Their investment model includes an initial investment in a large number of very young startups, acquiring about 10% of the shares. Cii2 supports these companies in finding further investments, presenting early metrics, and validating their business models with initial customers.

Sector focus: E-Commercel, Mobile, Software, Internet,iOS

Round: Early Stage Venture, Seed

Total investments: 82

Founding Year: 2013

Notable Investments: AppQuality, Titanium Challenge, Crowdway, Mymenu, Le Cicogne


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