Top 3 Venture Capital Firms in Romania


In our ‘Top 3 Venture Capital Firms in Romania’ feature, we delve into the heart of Romania’s tech sector, highlighting the venture capital firms that are pivotal in driving innovation and growth. These top 3 VCs are more than just financiers; they are catalysts of change, nurturing and propelling the nation’s most promising tech startups towards global success.

We took into account the number of deals per year to create this list.

GapMinder VC


GapMinder Venture Capital Fund focuses on Seed and Series A stage Deep Tech B2B startups with potential for global expansion. They target companies with relevant traction and driven by outstanding teams. Their investment strategy includes a focus on B2B platforms that accelerate digital transformation or enable new business paradigms. GapMinder seeks sustainable differentiators offering long-term competitive advantages, including unique technologies in areas like fintech, cybersecurity, enterprise automation, and data analytics.

Sector focus: Software, SaaS, Apps, AI, IT, E-commerce

Round: Convertible Note, Early Stage Venture, Seed, Venture

Total investments: 49

Founding Year: 2017

Notable Investments: Undelucram, Aggero, DRUID, Innoship, feexers

Early Game Ventures

Early Game Ventures

Early Game Ventures is a venture capital firm that focuses on early-stage investments in technology and IP-driven businesses. They cater to a variety of sectors, including enterprise technology, consumer technology, hardware & electronics, and other areas where technology can make a significant impact. The firm is actively involved in financing and accelerating startups, with an emphasis on identifying and nurturing companies with great market potential and innovative ideas.

Sector focus: Software, Apps, AI, IT, Internet

Round: Early Stage Venture, Seed

Total investments: 33

Founding Year: 2018

Notable Investments: Bunnyshell, Extasy, Licenseware, Hyperhuman, Kinderpedia

Roca X

Roca X

Roca X is an investment platform for startups, particularly aimed at disruptive businesses in their early stages, especially those in the technology sector with revolutionary ideas. They focus on young entrepreneurs who have an MVP or prototype and strive to impact society positively. Roca X builds a bridge between business angels and upper stage VCs, providing growth support for startups. They are part of Impetum Group and leverage an extensive network to help startups validate and optimize their models for accelerated growth.

Sector focus: Software, IT, Medical Device, Health Care

Round: Early Stage Venture, Seed

Total investments: 30

Founding Year: 2018

Notable Investments: Bunnyshell, XVision, Benefito Mobile, CODA INTELLIGENCE, Medicai


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