Taiwan’s Key VCs


What factors contribute to the prosperity of this ecosystem? Funding is a key driver. Here are five notable venture capital firms and one funding platform in Taiwan that deserve your attention:

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Sunsino Venture Group

Established in 1993, Sunsino is a pioneer in investing in early technological innovation. They’ve backed over 200 startups in 16 funding rounds, raising more than $130 million. The company’s primary focus areas include 5G, AI, machine learning, and IoT. OMNIEYES, an award-winning AI computing image startup, is among their notable portfolio companies.

Startup 101

Startup 101 is an online venture investing platform founded in 2020 by Sunsino Venture Group. Its mission is to streamline the fundraising process for startups. Currently, the platform boasts over 700 investors and 1500 active startups. Notable portfolios include Blutech, Hedian Digital Integration Technology LTD., and EndoSemio.

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Taishin Venture Capital Investment Co., Ltd.

Established in 2003, Taishin Venture Capital Investment is a subsidiary of Taishin Financial Holding, a major player in Taiwan’s finance sector. Their investment areas span information technology, the internet, biotechnology, medical, green energy, machinery, and cultural creative industries. Recently, they announced a significant investment of 1.5 billion to establish their second subsidiary, Taishin Sports Entertainment Co., Ltd., aimed at supporting the development of sports and cultural industries.

Top Taiwan Venture Capital Group

Founded in 1996, Top Taiwan is one of the earliest and most significant venture capital firms in Taiwan. Under their umbrella, there are 13 venture companies, each representing different investment strategies, industries, and investment stages, with a substantial fund of $3 million. Recent projects include Hahow, Yuxin Medical, and Bafang Yunji, a Taiwanese restaurant chain. Top Taiwan Venture Capital Group maintains a strong focus on creative industries, green tech, biotech, and the restaurant sector.

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Taya Venture Capital

Belonging to Taya Group, an electric wire and cable company, Taya Venture Capital was founded in 1998 with a strong focus on green energy and space technology. In 2022, the company announced its 2E policy, emphasizing “energy” and “emerging” markets. With a background in electronic wire and cable, Taya has a deep connection to the energy transition. Notable investments include WinWay Technology, a leading semiconductor company, and Bora Pharmaceuticals Co., one of Taiwan’s largest CDMOs (Contract Development Manufacturing Organizations).

Taiwania Capital

Founded in 2017 by National Development Fund, Taiwania Capital is dedicated to enhancing Taiwan’s economic growth through global collaborations and fostering a vibrant ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship. Over the course of six funding rounds, the company has made significant investments in biotech, health tech, and IoT startups. Notably, in 2022, Taiwania unveiled a $2 million CEE fund with a specific focus on Central and Eastern European companies.

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As the peak of Taiwan’s venture capital industry led to investments in well-established sectors such as semiconductors, information technology, communication, and optics, which resulted in the creation of successful companies like TSMC, UMC, and Foxconn, it is essential to adapt to the evolving economic landscape. Taiwan’s robust AI talent and semiconductor manufacturing capabilities make it well-suited for the biotechnology and medical industry and other digital economy-related sectors.

Moreover, the business landscape is increasingly influenced by ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) factors, necessitating technological innovation from startup teams to address challenges like reducing carbon emissions, enhancing energy efficiency, and mitigating environmental impacts in supply chains.

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