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Investing @ IPEM Paris 2023

For those who might not be familiar with the event, can you provide an overview of IPEM Paris 2023 and its main objectives ?

IPEM Paris 2023 is the must-attend event that brings together Private Equity decision-makers on an international scale. Launched in 2023 this dynamic gathering showcases innovation, fosters new connections, and propels exceptional opportunities. IPEM Paris serves as the international gathering where decision-makers converge to explore the latest trends, connect with industry leaders, it is the place where cutting-edge trends are showcased.

Proprietary IPEM data tracks unique market insights about (1) where LPs interests will be in the upcoming months; (2) which segments in private markets hold the best potential fundraising opportunities; and (3) what LPs highly value in future fund and manager selection.

This event complements IPEM’s flagship Cannes conference, targeting international engagement and addressing the rising demand within the financial sector for a truly global platform that fosters connections and opportunities in private markets.

The agenda encompasses in-depth discussions on key financial aspects such as private credit, infrastructure, venture capital, climate investing, distressed investing, and secondaries, reflecting the evolving landscape of the private markets. Distinguished industry figures like Steven Schwarzman and Dominique Senequier headline the event.

The primary aim is to create a fundraising-centric environment, offering extensive networking opportunities, partnership exploration, and access to international capital.

IPEM Paris 2023 adopts the theme “Destined to Outperform,” signifying its dedication to exploring long-term performance considerations and industry trends through insightful sessions.

Embracing a philosophy of continuous improvement, the event functions as an industry software update, adapting to the evolving market cycle and equipping attendees with strategies for future growth and success.


The event is described as the “largest marketplace for private capital.” What is the difference between IPEM Paris & IPEM Cannes & what percentage of attendees are international?  

  • Paris is “the world’s private capital hub” :: IPEM Paris brings together Private Equity decision-makers on an international scale. 2023 marks the 9th edition of this dynamic gathering focused on showcasing innovation, fostering new connections, and propelling exceptional opportunities. 5,000 decision-makers, investors, and general partners will gather in the heart of Paris for high-level business meetings & thought leadership content. Join us to stay ahead of industry trends, connect with experts, and unlock limitless possibilities in the evolving world of private equity.
  • Cannes is “the annual private market offsite” :: Step into the world of IPEM Cannes, where enchantment meets business. Since 2016, this prestigious event has been captivating the industry with its unique networking environment. Prepare to be immersed in a truly exceptional atmosphere, where meaningful exchanges and valuable connections take center stage. As decision-makers gather, relationships are formed, partnerships flourish, and new opportunities emerge.

Innovation often drives the tech and startup sectors. Are there any specific sessions or speakers at the event that will focus on innovative technologies or startups?

Attendees will have the opportunity to gain insights from prominent figures in the private equity industry. Experts, such as Pawel Gierynski, Managing Partner at Abris and Mattias de Beau, Partner, Primary Investments will address crucial questions about the industry’s performance outlook amid increasing geopolitical tensions, higher interest rates, the prominence of artificial intelligence, and rising climate risks.

Specific sessions and speakers will revolve around adapting performance parameters and strategies to navigate the evolving landscape in the tech and startup sectors. Speakers will delve into topics such as the future performance of funds launched in 2020 and 2021, particularly those invested in healthcare and technology during peak valuations.

  • The “Will The Next Cycle Shuffle The VC Elite?” Panel will discuss the future of venture capital, the role of digitalization in value creation, and sector specialization in the investment climate. The panel will feature Alice Albizzati, Founding Partner at Revaia; Jai Das, President and Partner at Sapphire Ventures; Sions Evans, Senior Investment Manager at Vencap; and Christine Hockley, Managing Director at British Patient Capital.
  • The “What’s Next For Tech?” Fireside Chat will discuss software investments, future opportunities, and strategies in the tech ecosystem. Moderated by Ben Dummett, reporter at The Wall Street Journal, the speakers will include industry leaders in the intersection of private equity, venture capital, and tech.

Can you elaborate on the networking opportunities available at the event, such as the “One-to-One Meetings” and “Networking Areas”?

IPEM Paris 2023 provides advanced networking tools, including “One-to-One Meetings” powered by an innovative algorithm, ensuring productive interactions with industry peers who align with your objectives.

Dedicated “Networking Areas” strategically located within the event spaces at Westin Vendôme and the Jardin des Tuileries offer a prime environment for engaging with over 5,000 participants of international private markets decision-makers.

Over 900 LPs from over 50 countries will be attendance. Private market allocations of LPs attending IPEM Paris are estimated to be ~$140bn in the next 12 months with 55% of allocations focused on re-ups and 45% will be in new relationships, therefore making it the ideal environment for networking opportunities.

700 GPs are confirmed to attend the event. From the pool of attendees, they have collectively raised $3tn in the past five years with 45% of total funds raised globally in that period.

Exclusive Meeting Spaces, designed primarily for GPs, Placement Agents, or Asset Managers, are available at the Westin Vendôme, providing a private and efficient setting for conducting meetings.

Branded meeting booths and rooms are also available for booking, offering GPs an opportunity to showcase their company brand and expand their professional network.

In addition, IPEM Paris 2023 hosts specialized cocktail events tailored to specific professional sectors and invitation-only dinners, fostering exclusive networking and relationship-building opportunities within the private capital markets community.


Sustainability and responsible investing are hot topics in today’s business world. How will IPEM Paris 2023 address these issues, and what role do they play in the event’s agenda?

IPEM Paris 2023 strongly focuses on sustainability and responsible investing throughout the agenda.

  • “It’s Time Now For Sustainability To Prove It Can Deliver Returns” will delve into ways the industry can expand and advance in ESG and focus on implementing sustainable value creation.
  • The panel, “Green Returns: How Real Can They Get?” centers on  environmental impact and green agenda. Panel members will debate the critical questions– How well equipped is the private markets asset class, as “bottom-up” investors, to generate returns from the biggest macro issue of our generation? How do investors distinguish those managers who are delivering on the green agenda? What must the industry do to contribute to solutions?– and how to find sustainable solutions to deliver green returns

IPEM Paris 2023 demonstrates a holistic approach to sustainability, incorporating environmentally responsible practices not only within the event infrastructure but also in participant travel options. These initiatives underscore the event’s commitment to addressing sustainability and responsible investing concerns in the modern business world. The organizers have integrated several eco-friendly initiatives, reflecting a dedication to minimizing the environmental impact of the event:

  1. Recyclable Carpet: The use of recyclable carpet suggests an effort to reduce waste generated during the event and promote sustainability in infrastructure.
  2. Reusable Stands and Furniture: By utilizing reusable stands and furniture, IPEM Paris 2023 aims to reduce the consumption of resources and minimize waste.
  3. Recyclable IPEM Bags: Providing attendees with 100% recyclable bags shows a conscious choice to avoid single-use plastics and promote recycling.
  4. Zero Plastic Bottles: The absence of plastic bottles underscores a commitment to reducing plastic waste and minimizing the environmental footprint.
  5. Coffee Thermos Usage: Distributing coffee thermos containers that can be refilled at each booth encourages a reduction in single-use coffee cups and related waste.
  6. Local and Organic Products: Serving local and organic products in the event’s lounges emphasizes a commitment to sustainability and supporting environmentally friendly food choices.
  7. Recycling of Goodies: The recycling of past edition goodies, such as pens, reflects an effort to reduce waste and extend the life cycle of event materials.
  8. Eco-Friendly Hotels: By promoting eco-friendly hotels, IPEM Paris 2023 encourages responsible accommodation choices for event participants.
  9. Reducing Travel: Offering an international edition of the event allows participants from around the world to fly directly to Paris, reducing the need for additional travel. Moreover, emphasizing train travel for European participants further promotes eco-conscious transportation choices.

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