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We’re big believers in sustainable growth & love that it’s the main theme at Summit. Why was this theme chosen particularly?

It’s due to the realisation that the European Tech innovation ecosystems are growing by leaps and bounds, and yet in every private conversation we have with entrepreneurs and investors alike there’s almost always a part of the chat that revolves around how we should be careful not to celebrate too much. That’s inherent European caution at play, of course, but it’s also a sign we need to have earnest discussions about what lies underneath all the growth and cheerleading. What are the risks, the structural problems, etc. and what can we do, if anything, to mitigate those?

We’d really like to host those conversations on our stages, and dive into the topic of ‘sustainable growth’ from different perspectives (ecosystem, community, company, governmental, as a team, as an individual leader or investor, etc.) but also highlight a number of sectors that we think are crucial for Europe to support and nurture to take the collective ecosystems to another level.

For a 1st edition event, Summit has quite an impressive lineup of speakers. Who are you most looking forward to welcoming on stage?

There will be something for everyone of course, but topics I care deeply about personally is the blatant problem of lack of diversity and inclusion in our industry, so I’m looking forward to what people like Ladi Greenstreet, the CEO of Diversity VC, European Women in VC founder Kinga Stanislawska and others have to say about that.

I’m also keen on taking deeper dives into mobility/transportation and sustainability tech, where Europe will be playing a huge global role I believe. With leaders like Fredrik Hjelm (CEO of Voi Technology), entrepreneurs like Michelle You (Supercritical) and Lubomila Jordanova (Plan A) but also investors such as Daria Saharova (World Fund), those will be interesting conversations no doubt. Eager to see what knowledge they’ll be dropping.

I’m also keen to learn more about the ‘new web’ from metaverse leaders like The Sandbox CEO Sébastien Borget, and VC turned NFT artist Marguerite de Tavernost.

Is there anything special or unique about the networking opportunities you’re planning for attendees?

Post-pandemic, I think we’re all just happy that we can meet each other in person again. Speaking of, check out our profile on Sesamers to see who else is attending, start chatting & easily request meetings in advance. We sincerely hope everyone has a chance to learn, gets inspired and of course, has fun.

What should investors be the most excited about at Summit?

The caliber of entrepreneurs we’re putting on stage is extraordinary, and that means investors will be able to take lessons from their journeys to pass on to their own portfolio companies. And of course there will be several of Europe’s leading investors on stage to take about the current funding and exit landscape, so there’s that.

Topping things off, there will be an undoubtedly interesting session on marketing and PR for VC firms, with leading voices such as Joanna Kirk (founder of JKPR), Marie Fabiunke (ex-Target Global, FoodLabs) and James Clarke (Molten) sharing their insights on stage.

Do you have any special deals for founders thinking about attending this year’s event?

We’re proud that we kept the ticket prices low considering the line-up of speakers we’ve managed to secure for a first-time event, and the resources we’re putting towards delivering an amazing Summit.

Startup founders can always get in touch with me personally to negotiate a discount, however 😉 My email address is

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