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The Venue Barcelona: Catalyzing Innovation in Music, Sports and Events


The Venue

March 15, 2019, marked the beginning of an ambitious vision by Barcelona City Council, Barcelona de Serveis Municipals, Barcelona Activa, and Institut Barcelona Esports. They envisioned transforming the Olympia Stadium into a venue for innovation. On May 15th, 2024 that idea jumped from the stage and into reality as The Venue Barcelona opened its doors at the iconic Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium in Barcelona.

A Long-Awaited Milestone

As the CEO of Sesamers, I had the privilege of attending the monumental opening of The Venue. The anticipation leading up to this day was palpable, and seeing it come to fruition as more-than-just-a-venue was nothing short of inspiring.

The Venue Barcelona now stands as a dynamic international ecosystem, uniting the most innovative corporations, organizations, and startups in music, sports, and events. This 100,000 sqm venue / innovation playground at the Olympic Ring of Barcelona is setting the stage for a world of collaboration and innovation.

An Inaugural Event to Remember

The inaugural event at The Venue in Barcelona showed how prepared they are to welcome over 120 companies and entities for industry meet-ups and workshops. Certainly, the emphasis is on forming collaborative projects to address issues like sustainability, mobility, and fan engagement.

This initiative marks the beginning of what promises to be a world of successful and exciting collaboration among corporates, startups, and organizations from various verticals; gearing up to promote to the very best of the best in music and sports innovations.

Among the notable names calling The Venue home are AFYDAD, Barcelona Music Tech Hub, Barcelona Sports Hub, A-Champs, Sportmas Sports Experience Platform, Talent Passport, Toda & Nel-lo, TPC-MatchPoint, Tūwā, and WEVOLV.

These organizations, along with leading corporations and promoters like Live Nation Entertainment, are anchoring The Venue and they are driving innovation and growth within the city.

Workshops and Industry Insights

At The Venue, I participated in the second workshop titled “Music – Sports – Events – Industry Meet Up” led by Daniel Dümig.

This session allowed leaders in the world of large music and innovative sports events to meet and define future challenges to collaboratively work on, exploring opportunities for community innovation and growth in the sector.

Everyone is worried about the sustainable aspect of their business event and venue. One important concept that caught my attention was the positive (and negative) aspects that a city brand can have on the growth of events. Is the city of Barcelona, as a venue, a good place to host revolutionizing events? Clearly, you could ask the same for Paris 🙂

I personally mentioned the public challenges of building meaningful Tech events without selling out to corporates or governments. This goes for both sports and music events. One of the initiatives that we believe in the most is helping communities launch profitable events.

The Collaborative Incubator

Interestingly, media outlets often label The Venue Barcelona as a business “incubator.”

It doesn’t look like a typical sports or music innovation startup incubator. Interestingly, we realize that this venue does indeed embody the spirit of incubation—but in a collaborative sense. The project incubates innovative collaborations between corporations, startups, and organizations, fostering the ideation and implementation of innovative solutions and services furling the future of sports and music experiences.

This collaborative, community-centered approach is what sets them apart and drives their mission forward – especially in the world of sports and music innovation.

Looking Ahead

The inauguration of The Venue Barcelona is a significant milestone in the history of the music, sports, and events industries. At Sesamers, we’re supporting the innovation in the future of events. We’re confident that The Venue Barcelona will create collaborative innovation services and creativity growth.

For more information, visit The Venue Barcelona.

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