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Ben’s List 42


We’re also covering some more classic topics such as the European SaaS benchmark by Serena Capital and a guide to fundraising your Series A from Initialized.

Speaking of Web3, quick heads up that I’m getting ready to write about the impact of the tokenization of everything on the event industry & will publish before holidays


The Metrics You Need To Raise A Series A

“While raising financing isn’t the end goal for a company, some key metrics can serve as a proxy for traction and product-market fit, which is important to demonstrate at the Series A stage.”


2021 European SaaS Benchmark

“Another question we often get asked concerns efficiency metrics, and particularly sales and marketing aspects, to (1) ensure that teams are efficient enough, (2) challenge their business model and organization, and (3) build a realistic business plan.”


How We Get To Negative Emissions With Web3

“So how do we get to negative emissions? It’s simple: for every CO2 tonne (or metric ton, the standard measurement for CO2) released into the atmosphere, we need to remove one tonne. That would keep us at a stasis of about 40 billion tonnes emitted annually. But that won’t remove the excess carbon. For that we need to remove 1.5 trillion tonnes before 2050.”

Introducing $STREAM: A new tokenized research framework for the music industry

“The question at the core of Water & Music’s next stage of evolution is: How do we build a media and research ecosystem that allows our community to capture more of the value they are creating, both for Water & Music and for each other? Naturally, this brings us to the wild world of Web3, which has empowered communities like ours around the world to claim a stake in the digital networks they help build.”

A beginner’s guide to social tokens

“It is just the beginning when it comes to experimenting with new ways of rewarding community members for their participation and empowering community members through governance. More people will be hired by social token communities in part-time or full-time roles, which will provide an alternative to traditional career paths. Social graphs can be created based on the tokens that individuals hold to help people discover new communities and meet others who share the same interests.”

The Dao of DAOs

“DAOs sit a level above NFTs — DAOs can own NFTs and create NFTs, plus do a whole lot of other non-NFT things — and have more transformative potential than NFTs. An NFT is a piece of digital media; a DAO could be a whole media company. Because they’re more complex, they’re not nearly as easy to capture in a headline, soundbite, or price tag. But that’s what we’re here for.”


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