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Let’s start with a brief overview of B2B Rocks for those who might not be familiar with your annual event; what’s the story?

B2B Rocks’ is a SaaS centric B2B networking event. During Covid, the event
went purely digital. To celebrate B2B Rocks’ 10th anniversary last year, we
reimagined the entire event; holding it in Montpellier on a country estate. With well-over 2, 000 attendees from 30+ countries it was a smashing success encouraging us to continue building our community and holding events.

The irony is that in an era where digitization dominates almost every aspect of our
lives, from how we work and socialize, there is a real thirst for events and
human interaction.

B2B Rocks

B2B Rocks has a reputation for focusing on actionable insights and practical knowledge. How does the conference ensure attendees walk away with valuable takeaways they can implement in their own ventures?

B2B Rocks is a platform. We want a world where anybody anywhere can
create a startup. Our raison d’être is to allow the different actors of the B2B
SaaS ecosystem to shine and inspire. If B2B rocks, then the different actors
are the rock stars and why people come to these events.

The event is human sized fomenting interaction between the speakers and
attendees. It is hard to scale personal human interaction.

Finally our platform helps attendees identify interests and interesting people
to optimize the opportunity–never go to an event without a detailed plan.

B2B Rocks

The event features a diverse lineup of speakers and topics. Can you highlight a few of the key speakers or sessions that attendees should be especially excited about?

All our speakers are passionate and actual thought leaders. They’re
international, have been in leadership positions for years and/or are
co-founders and CEOs.

Given the importance of cloud computing, networking and working remotely
three speakers stand out. Particularly:

  • Xavier Perret, Managing Director Azure Cloud France at Microsoft
  • Lisa Gunnarsson, VP LSS EMEAL at LinkedIn
  • Marcelo Lebre, Co-Founder & COO at Remote
  • See all other speakers here

As for topics a key focal point is sharing growth opportunities based on
successful companies’ and leaders’ experience. We want to inspire our
audience, but also give them actionable insights and practical knowledge as
mentioned before.

A few examples of topics addressed:

  • Revolutionizing SaaS Models with Generative AI  Daniela Burbano, Aive + Itxaso Araque Barriuso, AWS + Anais Monlong, IRIS + Philippe Guillaud, MatchTune
  • Lessons from $1 Billion in SaaS Acquisitions – Valuation and Process
    Insights Thomas Smale, FE International
  • Creating a Culture of Alignment: Operation’s Role in Fostering
    Sales-Marketing Unity Lorna Miller, Scaleway
  • How to Build AI Products that are More Than Just Wrappers ⚡ Aaron
    Goldsmid, Deel
  • Successful Funding Strategies for SaaSes in 2023 Matthieu
    Vaxelaire, Hexa + Adrien Chaltiel, Eldorado + Augustin Sayer, OVNI
    Capital + Chloe Allan, Octopus Ventures

Networking is a crucial aspect of any conference. How does B2B Rocks 2023 facilitate networking opportunities for attendees? Are there any unique networking formats or activities that participants can look forward to?

The B2B Rocks platform allows attendees to target networking opportunities
by interest, subject, job type, type of company (startup, scale up, VC, etc..) and verticals. Networking spaces at Station F specifically designed for these opportunities will also be available.

La French Tech put in place their “Je Choisis French Tech” matching system to put different SaaS and strategic corporate actors together. Finally, there is a closing social event allowing everybody a final opportunity to network in a fun, informal setting.

The startup and Tech events landscape can be quite competitive. What sets B2B Rocks apart from other conferences, and what value does it bring to both startups and established tech companies?

We prefer to believe these events are more complimentary than competitive. B2B Rocks while international with many American and international is
currently centered on France and southern Europe.

Startup culture is “same-same but different.” You cannot attend an event in
Scandinavia and expect to understand what is happening in France and
southern Europe.

Local startups get airtime and see what is happening internationally. Big companies get to spend quality time with the next generation of thought leaders. It is a perfect synergistic opportunity for both parties.

B2B Rocks

B2B Rocks 2023 is set to take place in a unique venue. How will Station F complement the conference’s atmosphere and goals?

Internally-recognized Station F is the biggest startup campus in the world. It is also served by an international airport and Paris isn’t half bad as a city. Most importantly the facilities are excellent and varied allowing our speakers
to share there ideas and network with attendees in a setting designed for
those endeavors.

Startup founders, tech enthusiasts, and professionals attend conferences for various reasons. How does B2B Rocks cater to this diverse audience and ensure that each participant finds value in attending?

Mostly by getting out of the way and letting the attendees do their thing–We
live in a digital world. Ironically increasing thirst for authentic human

Our job is to facilitate these opportunities and a great experience. We all win
when there is a minimum of disturbances and lots of attendees.

Last year after the show I had the opportunity to speak with founders who told
me they had a great show and added substantially to their networks.

Lastly, for those considering attending B2B Rocks 2023, what would be your key message to convey why this conference is a must-attend event on their calendars?

Saas and entrepreneurial culture continue to grow. Expanding from the
Silicon Valley to the four corners of the globe in just a few short decades. The
ecosystems continues to expand, enrich & diversify.

More specifically:

  • The French and southern Europe tech scene continues to boom
    supported by education and startup friendly ecosystems.
  • Investment in French startups bucked the downward trend in 2022
    and lead Europe.
  • Many companies from the French Tech two categories French tech
    next 40 and French Tech 120 will be there not to mention
    representatives from startups from Spain, Italy, Germany, and Austria
    to name just a few

Last year we had people from over 25 countries. If you are looking for investment opportunities or next-gen growth strategies then come be a part of B2B Rocks.

But wait, there’s more! Here’s our special code to get 20% off your pass to B2B Rocks 2023 so you can join us at Station F in Paris on September 19th PBKMF5Y

Suzanne Newman


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