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Pierre Paslier


A world free of plastic: can it exist? We take a moment to sit down with Pierre Paslier, co-founder and co-CEO of Notpla, an innovative sustainable packaging startup from London, to chat about their story, success, and future ambitions.


Innovation in Experimentation: The birth of Notpla

The concept was born out of a challenge that Pierre and his business partner, Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez, encountered during their Masters studies in Innovation Design Engineering at Imperial College London. The innovation was discovered by chance, through trying to create a man-made fruit. The result was a revolutionary idea – a startup committed to providing sustainable packaging alternatives to combat the growing problem of plastic waste. They called this venture Notpla, a name that signifies their core mission: to provide an alternative to plastic. Their first product, Ooho, is an edible water pod made of seaweed extract.

An image of the Ooho package product by Notpla.
An edible bubble, named Ooho, designed to replace single-use plastic packaging for liquids. Image sourced from

It was a creative and efficient solution to tackle the pervasive problem of plastic pollution at marathons and other large-scale events. Over time, this dynamic duo expanded their product range to cater to various needs within the food and beverage industry. One of their most notable products has been the development of linings for takeaway boxes that are biodegradable and more environmentally friendly than traditional options.

Like any pioneering venture, Notpla’s journey has been filled with challenges and learning opportunities. The early days were marked by the painstaking process of not just creating a viable product, but also one that complied with health and safety standards, was scalable, and was economically sustainable.

Moreover, as Paslier points out during our conversation, the food industry is traditionally slow-moving and resistant to change. This has required a significant amount of patience and perseverance from the Notpla team. They’ve had to convince stakeholders of the feasibility and benefits of their products, a task that’s not always easy in an industry that’s accustomed to its conventional ways.

An image of Notpla's packaging used to package a bag of Pinto beans.
Notpla Film: An example of Notpla seaweed packaging in use. Image sourced from

One of the significant breakthroughs for Notpla came when they were listed by BidFood, one of the UK’s biggest distributors. This was a game-changer, as it provided Notpla with access to a vast network of 45,000 food service restaurants. However, getting listed was no walk in the park. It required Notpla to prove their capacity to deliver at scale, and they also had to meet a host of industry-standard accreditations, a process that took years.

Pearls of Wisdom for Aspiring Environmental Entrepreneurs

For those looking to follow in his footsteps and tackle environmental issues, Pierre offers some insightful advice. First and foremost, he emphasizes the importance of creating a team that is driven by purpose. As he explains, the number of people who want to work on something with a strong purpose is already substantial, but this figure is growing all the time.

This means that even if you’re unable to offer competitive salaries or traditional job titles, you can still attract top-tier talent if your mission is compelling and meaningful. Secondly, Pierre encourages entrepreneurs to be aware of the changing global landscape. As he points out, more and more people want to work with companies that have a strong mission and are making a positive impact on the world. This societal shift opens up thrilling opportunities for purpose-led startups, offering them a competitive advantage in the increasingly conscious business world.

How You Can Support Notpla and Their Future Plans

In wrapping up the interview, Pierre appeals to listeners to show their support for Notpla’s mission. For consumers, he suggests a simple yet effective way to help: by tagging their favorite takeaway food providers on Instagram and proposing they consider more sustainable packaging options like Notpla’s. This is a powerful method for increasing awareness and demand for more environmentally-friendly solutions in the food industry.

For investors looking for an opportunity to contribute to environmental sustainability while also investing in a promising company, Notpla is currently preparing for their Series B funding round. This presents a golden opportunity to become a part of Notpla’s journey as they continue to innovate and expand their footprint in the sustainable packaging sector.

An image of Notpla's full product range, neatly lined up on the seashore, surrounded by fresh kelp.
An overview of the Notpla product range. Image sourced from

Pierre also sheds some light on the future plans for Notpla. While he doesn’t reveal all the details, he does hint at new products in the pipeline that could further revolutionize the food and beverage industry. It’s clear that Notpla will continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of sustainable packaging.

Final Thoughts

Pierre’s journey with Notpla serves as an inspiring testament to how innovative thinking, steadfast dedication, and a strong purpose can lead to game-changing solutions in the fight against environmental degradation. The insights he shares during our conversation provide valuable guidance for anyone looking to make their own impact in this critical field.

This conversation serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of sustainable innovation and the role each of us can play in supporting such initiatives. As consumers, industry leaders, or potential investors, we all have a part to play in shaping a more sustainable future. Notpla’s work is a shining example of the possibilities that lie ahead when we dare to think differently and commit to protecting our planet.

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