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Stephan Savarese


This podcast episode was recorded onsite at JEC World.

From Aerospace to Advocacy

Stephan Savarese’s career evolved from aerospace engineering to climate advocacy, a testament to adaptability. Initially immersed in R&D, a significant moment at COP 21 ignited his shift towards environmental solutions.

Consequently, TechnoCarbon was born. At its core is Carbon Fiber Stone, reflecting a profound commitment to green technology and CO2 negative growth.

Synthesizing Sustainability in New Materials

Carbon Fiber Stone stands as a beacon in TechnoCarbon’s lineup. This composite is revolutionary, surpassing traditional materials in both robustness and eco-friendliness.

Savarese is confident in its potential. Ultimately, he sees this carbon-negative material redefining the industry and spearheading a shift towards sustainable composites.

Unity in Innovation: Forging Paths to Greener Futures

Indeed, collaboration has been instrumental in TechnoCarbon’s rise. The company’s journey, from a Paris-based incubator to global accelerators, showcases a series of strategic alliances.

These partnerships have been more than beneficial; they’ve been crucial. They have propelled Carbon Fiber Stone into the spotlight, emphasizing the collective drive for environmental innovation.

Challenging Skepticism: Pioneering with Carbon Fiber Stone

TechnoCarbon’s bold vision initially faced industry skepticism. Yet, Savarese addressed these doubts with unwavering advocacy for Carbon Fiber Stone.

He has continually highlighted the importance of embracing new, sustainable materials. Through this, he demonstrates that innovation is not just about creating but also about convincing and converting the market to be change-ready.

Projecting Impact: TechnoCarbon’s Aspirations for Carbon Fiber Stone

With regard to the future, Savarese anticipates TechnoCarbon will experience significant growth thanks to their innovative work in sustainable composites. He predicts a future where such materials are key to business success.

Furthermore, he urges entrepreneurs to establish ventures that align financial viability with environmental advancement. This foresight lays the groundwork for innovations that are both economically beneficial and vital for reducing carbon footprints.

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