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Robin Wauter


Robin teaches Dan how to properly pronounce entrepreneur, and Snoop Dogg makes an appearance. All this and more on Episode 008!

Additional topics discussed:

  • Robin’s hobbies (that appear to be work, but Robin views as hobbies).
  • The rollout of vaccines.
  • Robin’s 40th Birthday party (That’s been postponed, but you all are invited).
  • Is Foursquare still around?
  • Robin wants to watch the forceful removal of Trump from the White House.
  • Why Robin wants to see Trump create a media company.
  • Belgian Beer!
  • “Not too heavy, not too light, just the way we like our … beer.”
  • Robin’s “other”.
  • Forced to buy gear.
  • What has changed the most for during the pandemic?
  • Robin sucks at predictions.
  • Buy Bitcoin. Don’t buy Bitcoin.
  • Startup Lens Europe – What is it? Why?
  • Entrepreneur? Entrepreeeeeneuuuuur? Entre pren eur.
  • It’s the best time ever to be an entrepreneur.
  • The best industries to work in as an entrepreneur.
  • Early stage funding has dried up quite a bit. But everything beyond is booming.
  • Damn this is a good reminder!
  • Online events – mediocre.
  • Events in 2021. Is the industry dead?
  • Smaller is better.
  • I miss SXSW.
  • Dan’s attendence at Snoop Dogg’s secret show.
  • Robin meets David Silverman (The Simpsons) and Darla K. Anderson (Monsters Inc.).
  • Snoop is gettin’ virtual (with it).
  • Mo’ money Mo problems.
  • The 2020 Virtual Event Awards.
  • Content is a sideshow.
  • To The Point – Robin’s upcoming Virtual Event Series.
  • Old Men Doing Podcasts.

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