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Joanna Kirk


Correction/Clarification from Episode 004: Speaking off the cuff, I referenced a plague decimating the Native American peoples, when it fact, the original root cause can be traced back to Mass Genocide.

This week, I sat down with PR strategist, advisor and community builder, Joanna Kirk. Her track record includes clients such as Atomico, Station F, The ChangeNow Summit, Founders Factory,, Wirecard, and Ouishare Fest. To name a few.

Selected – The Sesamers Podcast – Episode 005 Show Notes

2:13 – Dan Speaks in French while introducing Joanna

3:08 – What Joanna has been up to

5:00 – Homeschooling. Do parents have a much deeper appreciation for teachers?

6:17 – Joanna’s “Other”

8:47 – “Hey Google, STOP!” And the longest and shortest stages of The Tour de France

10:00 – What is PR, and why do I need it?

11:50 – Dan makes people cry

13:45 – It’s all about perception

14:00 – PR is very human

14:25 – The journalist decides where the story is

14:43 – Not all brands are not in the right position for media

15:12 – How’s that whole handling his own PR for Telsa working out for Elon?

15:57 – PR is never the same. You never have the same ingredients

16:15 – What to be on the lookout for when you’re shopping for PR

18:20 – Red Flags

21:20 – Journalists are a fickle bunch

21:48 – Break

22:30 – Stopping PR? Why?

25:00 – The vaccine is on the way

25:20 – Why should I be doing PR now more than ever?

26:04 – New formats of content be launched

27:05 – It’s a tough time for media

27:56 – Tying things back to everyone’s “Other”

28:25 – Change can be good

29:44 – Horror Stories

31:20 – Random people to fill the space

31:30 – You’re a journalist! And YOU’RE a Journalist!

31:47 – A positive PR story

33:55 – Dan sings Roger Daltrey

34:15 – Joanna takes us out

34:49 – This has been the Selected Podcast; I AM your host Dan Taylor; and I. Am. Outta here.


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