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Sheel Mohnot


Topics Discussed:

  • COVID-19 Cases Are Dropping Fast
  • Prince Jazz Funk Sessions 1977 Instrumental
  • $75 MILLION dollars!
  • I got some loans to pay off.
  • “Sheel, that’s your cue”!
  • 1 bedroom cardboard box.
  • Our meeting part 2 (Sheel’s Selected Salon Session).
  • No Beach Boys.
  • ADD? ADHD? HD? Diagnosed?
  • “I’m totally monopolizing the conversation”.
  • Sheel and Dan are BOTH music video stars!
  • The origins of the Zoom Bachelor.
  • Scooter Braun, manager to Ariana and The Beebs.
  • “Stuck With U” 2 minutes in.
  • Dan: Man #1 on bus: Macy Grey’s “I try“.
  • 9 hours for 3 seconds.
  • “The loser from one gets to be the person for the next.”
  • Dan’s typical weekend.
  • The Zoom Bachelor effect.
  • “Part of being a venture capitalist is just having people think of you.”
  • “I’m super busy when people call. If you’re not callin’, I’m not super busy!”
  • Are VC’s in need of pitches?
  • “There’s a number issue … there’s a quality issue.”
  • “Every day there are 30 people that reach out to me.”
  • “What is a quality pitch?”
  • “Overall there are six things.”
  • Team
  • Technology (advantage)
  • Trends / TAM (Total Addressable Market)
  • Traction
  • Terms
  • Taproom Buddy
  • “This is my bullet point list.”
  • The four richest Latvians.
  • Tap Room Buddy!
  • Pitching Sheel
  • Fintech service
  • Send a beer
  • We’re using:
  • AI
  • Big Data
  • Artificial Intelligence (twice, clearly)
  • Machine Lurging
  • Lurging Against the Machine
  • Augmented Reality AND Virtual Reality
  • Facial Recognition
  • Blockchain pays for the beverage of choice
  • Google’s Automated Car.
  • #micdrop
  • Send me the MONEY SHEEL!
  • We’re done with this podcast.
  • Tangentialize.
  • Sheel’s Other. (Hint: The Lockdown Cook Book is coming soon!)
  • Cooking with Marijuana.
  • Calling your dealer for Paprika.
  • “What is it with you VC’s and SECRET SAUCE?”
  • “Everybody’s going to see your naked body again.”
  • “Can I see YOUR naked body Sheel?”
  • Noisily is going ahead.
  • Loud thumping music.
  • “I’m unfattening right now.”
  • “What do you miss the most and the least about being an entrepreneur?”
  • Making the leap from entrepreneur to VC is like taking a GIANT Prozac.
  • In order to be a success VC, do I need to be an entrepreneur first?
  • How do I step up and become a VC?
  • “Not this podcast with me. This is junk. This is absolute shit.”
  • Due Diligence.
  • Business idea number 2!
  • The Origins of The Pitch.
  • Sheelbi-wan Kenobi.
  • How to sell out.
  • Chris Sacca nails it.
  • The Shark Tank, The Zoom Bachelor
  • “I do the shittier version of something that’s on TV.”
  • A towel with a hole in it.
  • What’s 5k amongst friends?
  • “Hi, here’s the holy grail. Sorry, what’s the holy grail?”
  • “We didn’t grow up, but we wised up.” – Mike D.
  • Why Fintech?
  • “Financial Services Suck!” – Sheel Mohnot
  • “Research, muthafucka!” – Dan Taylor
  • Loan sharking is EXPENSIVE!
  • Isn’t Fintech just another way of saying, “We want to be your bank?”
  • Flip it material.
  • Not every Fintech is a bank, but every bank has components of Fintech.
  • I’m winging it.
  • Klarna is getting into the “we want to be your full on bank” in the U.S.
  • Why do we still need banks?
  • Dan’s mom’s head explodes!
  • He’s sending his money to a Nigerian Prince.
  • The symbiotic relationship between Banks and Fintech.
  • Is the Fintech industry simply chum for the sharks?

Your message aimed at a highly targeted audience. Let’s talk.

  • Aaaaaaand we’re back!
  • Sheel’s journey to VC. (Hint: He gambled his own money.)
  • Soup to salad? Salad to soup? Nuts to bolts?
  • “These guys are awesome. They’ve got the money, they tell me what to do.”
  • The fake fund called 500 Fintech.
  • “You ask rich people for money.”
  • “We raised 75 Million bucks, and here we are.”
  • Bravo, Brava, and Bravi.
  • Bravia, it’s an excellent car.
  • “Bitch, please. Opera singer, ok?”
  • Nessun Dorma / Heidenröslein (Want more? Here you go).
  • Sleeping in a park. Across the street from the hotel.
  • Atlanta has a LOT of conferences! In July.
  • Bearish or Bullish?
  • Technology has done really well.
  • A lightning-ette round
  • Wisest?
  • Stupidest?
  • Craziest?
  • Sheel is one helluva barber.
  • I’ll bring the clippers!
  • Dan’s girlfriend gets the vaccine!
  • Sheel forces a beer down his throat.
  • August 27th, 2021.
  • Dan’s phone number.
  • Francis Underwood. Bill Clinton.
  • Sheel’s gotta go close a $25m deal.
  • From Nick: “How will you ensure your portfolio companies are making tomorrow better, and not worse?”
  • From Ramit (via email): “ just raised $120m. They say 65m wallets have been created. And yet India and Nigeria are moving to ban Bitcoin and other private crypto’s. Sheel, in your opinion, where is all this going?”
  • Old tweets from Sheel. He’s not a good fortune teller.
  • Sheel, I was singing.
  • “If I had bought FIVE bitcoins. Which would have been $3.50”. $270,000 today.
  • “How did you get so DAMN GOOD LOOKING?”
  • Jack’s beard.
  • “Any last thought?” “No.”
  • You’re really good at this.
  • Sheel is hitched. Not HITCHED. Don’t run for the hills! Unavailable.
  • She said NO!
  • The pandemic has been rough. I’m desperate.
  • One helluva movie script.
  • Give me a Kiss to Build a Dream On.
  • Hire this man!
  • Sheel … take us out.
  • 1.2 million followers on Clubhouse!
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers.

Your message aimed at a highly targeted audience. Let’s talk.

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