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Matt Navarra


Topics Discussed:

  • A long list of impressive jobs
  • Boris and Patrick are vicious
  • Andy Grignon and the story of Fuckchop
  • Blursday, the fortyteenth of Maprilay
  • Cardiff sucks
  • Dan is avoiding the news
  • Don’t do anything, Don’t see anyone, and wear a mask
  • 5 dishes, rather than 2
  • Matt used to be a teacher
  • Cooking with Corona
  • Q-anon Cocoa
  • A deeper respect for educators
  • Jack’s beard
  • Dealing with Trump(?)
  • Twitter’s terms of service
  • Freedom of Speech vs. Freedom of Reach
  • Fuck the Internet
  • Bad Actors
  • Your Internet Drivers License
  • No tears in your laughter
  • Whatsapp screws the pooch
  • Facebook is the least trusted brand in the world
  • (If) Matt is head of comms at Whatsapp
  • Dan’s bad british accent
  • Matt breaks down the UK governement’s COVID comms
  • Brexit: Matt and Dan are going to write a book
  • Pandemic: How has social media changed?
  • Clubhouse – Dan is a VIP member, and will never pay a dime for it
  • Any major brands jumping on the audio trend? Dan needs a job
  • Your message aimed at a highly targeted audience. Let’s talk.
  • The Social Media Geekout
  • Lurking
  • 22.5k people in the group
  • What happened to the Geekout Podcast?
  • Friday Afternoon Clubhouse
  • Are we post Podcast?
  • This conversation brought to you by … Brewdog. Brewdog, when you want to have a quality brew from Scotland
  • Social Media Manager – trained professional or intern?
  • Over 30? Can I still be the social media manager?
  • Purveyors of cool
  • Social Media Managers, PR? Support? Photographer? Videographer?
  • Influencers. Ugh.
  • Paid Guerilla Marketing?
  • What do you do?
  • Discord. Über geek!
  • Matt’s newsletter
  • Matt is going to get very drunk
  • Spread a little Sunshine

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