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Omid Ekhlasi’s Journey from Journalism to Tech Arena CEO


From Journalism to Tech Event Leadership

Omid Ekhlasi began his career as a journalist before transitioning into marketing. This background equipped him with a unique perspective on storytelling and audience engagement. He explains, “My background is in journalism, and I went into marketing, which helped me understand the different stages of company building.”

Building and Investing in Startups

Omid’s journey took a pivotal turn when he joined a venture studio that focused on building and investing in startups. He worked closely with founders, helping them transition from R&D to a commercial focus. As Omid recalls, “over the years, I got the opportunity to work very closely with founders and learn about the challenges of building a company.”

Launching Techarenan

Seeing the need for more networking  opportunities for entrepreneurs in Sweden back in 2014, Omid founded Techarenan – an international platform for innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability bringing together entrepreneurs, business leaders, experts, investors, decision makers and politicians.  “We started out with a very small entrepreneurship competition because we thought, how could we bring entrepreneurs together?” This initial competition quickly grew under Omid’s leadership, expanding to include investors, media, and policymakers, and eventually evolving to a larger, more impactful event called The Tech Arena.

Expanding and Scaling The Tech Arena

The Tech Arena’s initial success led to rapid expansion. Four years after founding Techarenan, Omid and his team made the strategic decision to focus solely on growing The Tech Arena event. “In 2018, we saw that this was getting bigger, and we needed to make a decision. So, we incorporated the company and built a small team to take The Tech Arena to the next level.”

Overcoming Challenges and Future Plans

When the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the world in 2020, of course The Tech Arena encountered substantial difficulties. Fortunately, they managed to rise above these challenges and became even more robust. Thanks to Omid’s focused leadership during those difficult years, The Tech Arena is now becoming a significant player on the international stage. “We decided to create this event in Sweden and make it the biggest Tech event in Scandinavia,” he says. By emphasizing Tech event leadership, The Tech Arena aims to attract even more international participants and continue fostering a strong community of entrepreneurs.

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