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Nathalie Birocheau on Leading Innovation in Audio Technology


The Origins of Ircam Amplify and Its Mission

As CEO, Nathalie Birocheau begins by introducing IRCAM, a renowned French institution founded 40 years ago by Pierre Boulez. “Ircam was created to imagine a place where musicians, composers, scientists, and engineers could work together to invent the future of music,” Nathalie explains. This innovative environment has been instrumental in advancing audio technology and contemporary music.

Founding Ircam Amplify

To bridge the gap between research and market needs, in 2020 Nathalie co-founded Ircam Amplify – a spin-off for the commercialization of IRCAM’s audio innovations. “Ircam Amplify is a private company focused on creating innovative products and services inspired by Ircam’s expertise.” Consequently, the goal is to develop market-centric solutions that address real-world problems in the audio industry. Moreover, by leveraging Ircam’s extensive knowledge and experience, Ircam Amplify aims to deliver practical and impactful advancements in audio technology.

Practical Applications of Audio Innovation Technology

Under Nathalie’s leadership, Ircam Amplify continues to develop various audio technologies for the music industry. “We’ve created solutions for tagging music catalogs, verifying track quality, and detecting undeclared covers.” One notable innovation is a tool that shortens music tracks while preserving artistic intent, making them suitable for radio play.

Partnering with Industry Leaders

Ircam Amplify collaborates with leading brands like Louis Vuitton, seamlessly integrating audio technology into their products. As Nathalie explains, “we are the sound partner for Louis Vuitton’s connected objects, ensuring a holistic approach to audio that enhances the user experience.” Furthermore, this partnership shows how audio innovation can elevate brand desirability and product differentiation. As a result, the collaboration showcases the potential of advanced audio solutions. It also highlights the importance of sound in creating a compelling consumer experience.

Addressing AI’s Impact on Music through Audio Innovation

Nathalie discusses the development of an AI-generated music detector, responding to the influx of AI-created content. “Our algorithm can detect tracks created by AI, providing transparency for consumers and tools for the music industry to manage their catalogs.” This innovation highlights the need for transparency and quality in the evolving landscape of music technology.


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