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Daniel Dumig


Daniel Dumig’s Corporate to Innovation Journey

Daniel Dumig’s transition from the corporate world to the realm of innovation is a fascinating journey. He recounts his early days leading marketing for major sports lifestyle brands and how that led to the creation of the TenKan-Ten Startup Accelerator under Asics. This venture further evolved into two separate entities – The MotherTrees and U-Skale, leading to his latest project, the Venue Barcelona. “We spun off into our own companies,” Daniel shares, emphasizing the seamless move from corporate to innovative entrepreneurship.

The Birth of Innovative Event Planning: Venue Barcelona

The Venue Barcelona, an upcoming innovation zone located in the city’s Olympia Stadium, is poised to become a central hub for music, sports, and a variety of events. Highlighting the project’s origins, Daniel explains, “Our landlord is the City of Barcelona via B:SM (Barcelona Serveis Municipals)… They had the innovative concept to transform a section of the Olympia Stadium into a dedicated innovation zone.” This ambitious initiative, actively supported by the Barcelona municipality, aims to cultivate an ecosystem that further enriches Barcelona’s already vibrant culture in music and sports.

Driving Innovation in Music and Sports

Daniel and his team are driven by a clear mission for the Venue Barcelona – to actively stimulate and support innovation in the realms of music, sports, and events. Utilizing Barcelona as their dynamic playground, the project ambitiously aims to provide a creative sandbox for testing innovative solutions, particularly in areas like fan engagement, media, and sustainability. Importantly, Daniel underscores the significance of addressing key challenges such as water consumption and overall sustainability in large-scale events, noting, “When you think about big events, there’s inherently a sustainability challenge around it.”

Creative Event Solutions: Beyond Traditional Event Formats

The Venue Barcelona approaches corporate-startup collaboration uniquely, steering clear of what Daniel terms ‘innovation theater.’ Instead, they focus on practical, value-driven partnerships. “It’s actually corporate-driven,” he states, emphasizing the importance of real-world application and impact. The project aims to create tangible solutions, moving beyond mere ideation to implementation and scaling.

The Future of Event Organization: Vision of Venue Barcelona

Looking ahead, Daniel envisions the Venue Barcelona playing a significant role in transforming business events. Drawing from his experience with networking dinners, he aims to challenge traditional event formats and create more engaging, value-driven experiences. “We always look at the stuff and ask ourselves why people do what they do and what the result is out of it,” he explains, highlighting his commitment to innovation not just in products but also in event experiences.

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