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With a focus on entrepreneurship, investment, culture, ecosystem relationships, and events, the conversation delves into the dynamic realm of the tech conference and events team, where Alex shares SaasStock’s raison d’être. In this episode, Alex shares both valuable insights into the industry, as well as the intriguing story behind one of his tattoos.


SaaStock: The Upcoming Event That’s Making Waves

SaaStock, the crown jewel of SaaS conferences, takes center stage in this episode. Alex Theuma sheds light on this year’s event, taking place October 16th to 18th in Dublin. With the event’s history dating back seven years, SaaStock has since established itself as one of Europe’s premiere conferences for SaaS founders and their teams. It’s a powerhouse for connecting with peers and investors, or, as Alex puts it, “SaasStock is not just an event; it’s a powerhouse where connections with peers and investors flourish, and dreams and businesses take flight.”

In this episode you hear Alex talk a lot about the collaborative spirit that fuels the tech events ecosystem. An example of this is how events like SaaStock and B2B Rocks can collaborate, creating an community where events are more allies than competitors. Alex argues how such collaborations enrich the ecosystem, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among tech enthusiasts.

Scaling Events in the Industry: Staying Fresh Amidst the Familiar

Growing as big as they have, SaaStock clearly knows a thing or two about how to scale in the events industry. Alex offers valuable insights into the challenges and strategies behind how SaaStock manages to have grown to this scale while striking a balance between remaining both fresh and new, and also having repetition in events. He gives his perspective on the view that while some may find recurring themes familiar, these themes also serve as powerful reminders and reinforcers of key principles and strategies.

Membership and the Challenges of Event Growth (a.k.a Post-COVID problems…)

The conversation takes a turn toward membership and the challenges of growing event attendance, arguably one of the top performance indicators for events. Despite their success, its true that SaaStock took a knock when the industry suffered as a consequence of the pandemic. Alex shares about how these challenges were network wide, and in this way, so were the solutions. He discusses how the pandemic prompted the need for more support and connections among founders, which led to the creation of the SaaStock Founder Membership.

The SaaStock Founder Membership is a valuable resource for founders scaling their businesses to $10 million in revenue, and Alex details how this value add from their approach in creating the membership has ultimately worked in SaaStock’s favor. The membership is not just a ticket to events; it’s a support network, a place for education, and a platform for founders to connect, learn, and thrive.

Festival Vibes and Networking: Where Business Meets Fun

The podcast episode also explores the unique festival-like atmosphere that defines SaaStock events. The spirit of this is captured in the name, as Alex puts it, “SaaStock is like the Woodstock for SaaS”. He shares his insights into the importance of networking, both professional and personal, and how SaaStock events foster a sense of community and connection through the fun and positive energy they seek to foster at their events.

Tune in to the full episode to dive deeper into these topics, and to learn the story behind Alex’s curious Balloonicorn tattoo

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