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 We are your dedicated partners nurturing the seeds of entrepreneurial success.


Team members, experts and advisors available


Startups advised & help to launch over 5 years


Projects realized for startups


People trained & coached worldwide

Our mantra

🌐 Global Impact, Local Connection: We’ve empowered thousands of entrepreneurs globally, creating a ripple effect that starts locally and resonates. Our European roots provide you with a solid foundation, while our commitment extends beyond borders.

🤝 Your Network, Our Priority: Networking is our heartbeat, we know how connections matter – it’s why we develop a strong European network. Your success is amplified when surrounded by a network designed for growth.

🚀 From Idea to Investment: Whether you’re sculpting your MVP, seeking advisory, or navigating the intricate landscape of fundraising, we’re with you every step to turn your idea into a worthy venture.

🔥 Authenticity in Action: Every strategy, every event, and every connection is crafted with authentic dedication while having a deep understanding of the challenges and triumphs an entrepreneur faces.

💡 More Than a Team, a Community: A community of seasoned entrepreneurs, event strategists, PR maestros, and tech trailblazers. We’re your comrades on the startup battlefield, fighting alongside you for success.

Our commitment

We strategize with a doer approach, so if you are looking for a consulting firm – sorry we aren’t a good fit.

But if you are looking for honest feedback on your idea, a concrete roadmap fitting a small budget, a review of your fundraising deck, a v0 of your brand at an affordable cost – you are at the right place!

Event strategy
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Event strategy
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Startup advisory
MVP factory
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Product strategy
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MVP launch
Content factory
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PR strategy
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Content production
Design factory
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Sales and pitch deck

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