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Founders Hub: Your Startup Launchpad

Welcome to Founders Hub, where your startup dreams take flight! Dive into a dynamic community-driven platform tailored for founders. With exclusive perks, curated events, a job board, exciting startup competitions, and seamless fundraising features, Founders Hub is your ultimate launchpad to success.

Join us today and let’s soar together!

Curated events list based on your startup profile

Discover events handpicked to match your startup’s profile. Our platform tailors event listings based on your startup’s unique characteristics, ensuring you never miss out on opportunities aligned with your goals. Experience personalized event recommendations, exclusively on Sesamers.

Post your open positions on our free job board

Finding top talent shouldn’t drain your resources, right? That’s why, until January, our job board is your talent-hunting playground – absolutely free! Post job openings, connect with the best and brightest, and build your dream team without breaking a sweat. Plus, even after January, it’s just a nominal fee of 19.90€ per month – affordable hiring guaranteed.

Join our leading European startups community

Step into the heart of Europe’s vibrant startup ecosystem. As part of our leading community, you’ll connect with fellow entrepreneurs, innovators, and industry leaders. Gain invaluable insights, forge meaningful connections, and propel your startup forward.

Exclusive perks and discounts on tools, services and events

Ready to level up your startup journey? As a member of Sesamers, enjoy exclusive discounts on tools, services, and event registrations. From boosting your marketing mojo to supercharging productivity, these perks are like having a treasure trove of goodies just for you.

Shine in startup competitions and raise funds with ease

You’ll access customized startup competitions, providing the perfect platform for your innovative ideas to shine within your niche. But that’s not all – when it’s time to turn those ideas into reality, Sesamers offers a free fundraising platform, eliminating the burden of hefty fees. 

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