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The Future of Smartphones: 3 Trends you can’t miss – Selected


Always on the lookout for opportunities to help our ecosystem grow, we’ve been helping to highlight Huawei’s HMS App Up Innovation Contest, and had the opportunity to attend their annual Huawei Developer Conference 2020 earlier this month. The company presented a number of innovative and unique features of their upcoming smartphones, some that you might have missed.

According to the conference and our own research, there are 3 key points for mobile & app developers to be focused on in the upcoming years:

  • Secure Smartphones
  • Cross Device Smartphones
  • Human Factors Based UX Design

1. Secure Smartphones

With cyber attacks increasing each year, data protection is becoming a huge priority.  Using the highest device-end security level for user data is a must. One of the most heavily used technologies to secure e-wallets is Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). The Open Mobile Terminal Platform (OMTP) defines TEE as a set of hardware and software components that must meet one of two security levels (software only, and/or software and hardware attacks). The OMTP, which includes TEE standards, is hosted by our friends at the GMSA.

In a nutshell, using TEE standard technology combines all biometric data, payment data, key and lock screen passwords with a CC EAL5+ certification.

By providing cutting edge privacy and security capabilities, mobile phones can actually minimize the app permissions and tracking, provide better AI privacy protection, and increase sensitive permission usage of reminders.

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2. Cross Device Smartphones

Nowadays multitasking is everything because we want things to be effective and efficient. Having more devices being able to “talk”  to each other would definitely make life easier. Because let’s be honest, when was the last time your phone and your tablet and your TV and your Sonos actually worked 100% flawlessly together?

Thus the emerging trend of cross device smartphone technology is already in process. Smartphones supporting 3 screens at a time – sounds nice, doesn’t it? A typical scenario might involve watching a video on a tablet, taking notes on a smartphone, and the ability to drag either content from one device to the other, or even a PC (with mouse and keyboard sharing ALSO enabled).

With such functionality, smart homes could be managed within one click, attending online classes and lectures would be simpler, and professional meetings could be more interactive.

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3. Human Factors Based UX design

Human factors-based UX design smartphones are something we will definitely be seeing more and more of in the future.

“… “perfect” is not a completed state but rather a process.” – Junwon Jung, Samsung UX Design Team

  • ART AOD – The “Always On Display” is evolving from static elements to user defined and infinitely customizable options. Building on existing “color catcher” technologies, users can use their camera to capture the scene around them, and integrated AI technologies will generate themes based on this color analysis.
  • Smart Multi-Windows – In addition to the cross device sharing mentioned above, users are being given more and more flexibility with how these windows should act/look like in any given set of user defined parameters. Ultimately these floating windows are bound to increase multitasking efficiency.
  • Notepad – with the help of this feature, users will be able to retrieve text directly from pictures and images, while turning photos into notes.
  • Image Privacy – as it has been already mentioned, security in smartphones these days comes first. Now, whenever transmitting any images, users can have ease of mind as they easily control all the confidential data they don’t want to share before sending their images.
  • 1080p HD Video Calls – users can make high quality video calls even in low-light conditions. Beauty mode, screen sharing and 360-degree background shifting makes it convenient and interactive for all users, anytime and anywhere.

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[Disclaimer: The Huawei Developer Conference was attended online by Startup Sesame Startup Scout Vivienne Tran. Startup Sesame, Sesamers, and all associated entities receive no compensation (financial or otherwise) from Huawei, and the opinions and information presented here may or may not represent those of Huawei.]

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