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Croatian VG Fryer: Delivering Farm-Fresh Dried Vegetables to Your Table

VG Fryer is named after the initials of its hometown, Veliki Grđevac, but also as a reference to its main product: dried vegetables.

As for “Fryer,” it has to do with fried potato plans that haven’t materialized yet. For now, VG’s core method is not frying, but drying.

According to the company, doing it at low temperatures at its own facilities gives it the ability to produce nutritious food with a prolonged shelf life.

Catering to Health-Conscious Consumers

The fact that VG Fryer’s dried vegetables don’t contain additives, artificial flavors or color is a selling point for health-conscious buyers.

That VG Fryer is very close to the fields is another argument that might resonate with consumers. The company owns more than 80 hectares of land, including 45 hectares of plum and quince, and it wouldn’t mind expanding.

As for the prolonged shelf life of dried produce, it connects to convenience as a key consumer food trend.

Based on that same trend, VG Fryer also produces its own line of ready-made rice (risotto style) and vegetable mixes and spices.

The mix itself draws from Croatia’s assets and identity, the company explained: “Dried mushrooms are something our country is full of, especially in wild form. We also decided to add a bit of a Mediterranean note (as we have our Mediterranean coast) so we mixed it with rice (Italian one).”

Expanding Reach: VG Fryer’s Growth and Future Plans

Founded in late 2019, VG Fryer already found selling partners in its home country and beyond. For instance, it recently announced that its dried products and spices can be found on Eurospar shelves throughout Poland under the VG Adriatic brand.

Besides FMCG, the company is also getting some revenue from HoReCa channels, but retail is its priority. With 200 Croatian FMCG partners, it now aims to enter large retail chains directly or through distributor partners, both in Croatia and abroad.

As fellow SIAL Startup Invest participants, VG Fryer’s team hopes its attendance will help it land new buyers and partners. But it is also keen on making the most of the event itself, as an opportunity to learn from other exhibitors: “This is a place where we can not only sell our product, but also share experience, knowledge and good practices.”



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