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BiteMe Nutrition: Indulgent, Healthy Snacks

“Healthy indulgence” is a rising trend in sports nutrition and beyond. This is where Croatian startup BiteMe fits in with its healthy and tasty snacks. 

Its main products are raw bars, protein cookies and lava cookies that are vegan, organic, plant-based, gluten- and additive-free; but by its own claim, also “so tasty you’d think they’re not healthy.” That’s only appearance, though.

A Rebellion Against Unhealthy Industry Practices

Although BiteMe’s products fall under snacking, a habit that consumers won’t quit any time soon, the company was founded in 2019 as an answer to what it sees as the industry’s unhealthy practices — artificial sweeteners, refined sugars, additives, etc.

“To that we said “bite me”, we can do it better, so in a way our name is like a rebellion against the industry’s unhealthy practices,” its team explained. In practice, this means centering on “natural, understandable ingredients.” 

Joyful Snacking: No Compromises on Taste or Health

In line with its name, BiteMe’s brand positioning is also modern and lighthearted, with a sense of fun. Seeing the current healthy snack category as lacking excitement, emotion, and true natural indulgence, it decided to answer with “joyful snacking” — without compromises on taste or health.

Its team also reflects this multifaceted goal. Part of Zagreb Innovation Centre, it consists of two athletes, one food technologist, and a business person. All of them consider themselves health-conscious snackers and active, but their target audience is broader.

“BiteMe was designed for consumers who reject unhealthy snacking choices, or for those that simply seek to enjoy a convenient healthy bite on-the-go,” the company said. By framing its snacks as a break in a busy day “for emotional well-being and indulgence,” it hopes to empower more consumers to make better dietary choices.

Competing in the Healthy Snack Market

BiteMe’s raw bars have some high-profile competitors that also position themselves as healthy, such as Nakd, Rawbite, Roobar, and RXBAR. However, the fact that it differentiated beyond bar-shaped products gives it an edge. Per its team: “We make cookies with soft filling, which bring more excitement and joy while eating.”

This is resonating with consumers, with BiteMe’s e-commerce sales growing steadily, and potentially having an important role to play in the future. 

BiteMe’s Growing Presence in Europe

In the meantime, the good news is that B2B buyers, too, seem to have a good grasp of its value proposition: BiteMe said its products are already sold in some 2,200 sales points across Europe, including retail, bio stores, drugstores and some sports channels. 

It hopes to use its participation in SIAL Startup Invest to find new business partners, but also to meet investors and like-minded food enthusiasts who understand that health and indulgence can coexist.


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