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VivaTech 2024 Recap: Highlighting AI, Sustainability, and Global Tech Innovations

Day 1: AI and the Future of Innovation

The first day of VivaTech 2024 set the stage, focusing on cutting-edge AI technologies. Robin Li, co-founder of Baidu, highlighted the shift in focus from merely developing advanced AI models to creating impactful applications for the AI age. Among the standout innovations, Bioteos introduced their Oxylon Urban air purifier, leveraging microalgae to combat indoor air pollution, showcasing the intersection of biotechnology and AI.

The LVMH Innovation Award ceremony kicked off the day with Bernard Arnault presenting the award to FancyTech for their immersive digital experiences. Their AI-driven video scripts promise to revolutionize the media production industry by automating complex video effects and movements.

One of the most anticipated sessions was “Can AI help us speed up the energy transition?” featuring experts like Hiroshi Matsuda from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Claire Monteleoni from INRIA. They discussed AI’s potential in optimizing renewable energy integration and maintenance prediction, emphasizing its role in achieving a sustainable energy future. The AI Jobs Barometer 2024 by PwC provided insightful data on AI’s transformative effect on global employment trends, examining 500 million job listings from 15 countries to evaluate AI’s impact on the workforce.

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Day 2: Sustainability Takes Center Stage

The second day’s theme was sustainability, with EDF’s Impact Bridge highlighting groundbreaking green tech innovations. French startup Dyonimer presented a novel method to convert food waste into biodegradable polymers, significantly reducing environmental impact. Another notable innovation was Value Park, which tackled the global energy consumption problem of air conditioning by developing technologies to produce renewable cold from marine resources. This day also featured discussions on how AI can foster energy efficiency, with sessions exploring how AI can optimize energy consumption and support the integration of renewable energy sources.

One of the key highlights was the Female Founder Challenge, celebrating Albane Dersy of Inbolt, a company developing real-time robotic guidance systems using 3D vision and AI. This underscores VivaTech’s commitment to promoting diversity and female entrepreneurship in tech. Additionally, Ecolab’s Greentech Innovation 2024 promotion showcased various startups driving the transition to a more sustainable future, further emphasizing the event’s focus on environmental responsibility and innovative solutions for climate challenges.

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Day 3: Mobility and Smart Cities

Mobility and smart city solutions dominated the third day. Tesla debuted at VivaTech 2024, showcasing the much-anticipated Cybertruck, which garnered significant attention for its futuristic design and advanced capabilities. Audi revealed their new Q6 e-tron, capable of recovering 250 kilometers of range in just 10 minutes at fast-charging stations, highlighting the rapid advancements in electric vehicle technology. Meanwhile, NamX introduced their hydrogen-powered SUV, promising rapid refueling and extended road autonomy, pushing the boundaries of sustainable transportation and addressing the need for cleaner, more efficient mobility solutions.

The introduction of various smart city innovations also marked the day. Software République unveiled its “U1st Vision” concept, focusing on mobile services designed to improve public services across territories. Hyundai presented ZER01NE, showcasing a range of innovations to enhance urban mobility and sustainability. The day underscored integrating advanced technologies into urban planning and development to create smarter, more efficient, and environmentally friendly cities.

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Day 4 at VivaTech: Gaming and Esports

The final day, dedicated to gaming and esports, brought together enthusiasts and professionals alike. The Fortnite Battle Royal event with Gentle Mates, Squeezie’s esports team, was a crowd-puller, showcasing esports’ growing popularity and competitive spirit. The Karmine Corp session detailed how the popular esports team plans to revolutionize fan engagement by becoming a stadium’s first European esports club resident, demonstrating the intersection of gaming, technology, and community building.

Moreover, the VivaRace by Razorfish showcased an innovative Roblox game designed for VivaTech, engaging visitors in a fun, tech-driven competition. This day highlighted how gaming technology influences various sectors, from entertainment to education. Key discussions included the future of content creation in gaming, the role of AI in making games more accessible, and the impact of esports on mainstream culture. The day also featured the Ethic’ALL Game Jam, promoting the development of games focused on ethics and inclusion, emphasizing the social impact of gaming technologies.

VivaTech Global Impact

VivaTech 2024 attracted participants from over 120 countries, featuring national pavilions from Japan, Canada, Brazil, the UK, and Germany. Honoring as the Country of the Year, Japan showcased its technological prowess with over 40 startups, highlighting innovations across various sectors. The AfricaTech Awards recognized startups like Schoolz for ClimateTech and Thalia Psychotherapy for HealthTech, emphasizing the event’s global reach and inclusive spirit. These awards celebrated the efforts of startups making significant contributions to solving critical challenges in climate, health, and financial inclusion across the African continent.

VivaTech 2024 Recap of keynote speakers, including Elon Musk, John Kerry, and Serena Williams, shared insights on topics ranging from AI to sustainable business practices. Their presence underscored VivaTech’s role as a platform for influential voices shaping the future of tech. Discussions ranged from the ethical implications of AI to strategies for achieving sustainable development, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the current tech landscape and future trends.

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Innovations and Announcements

This year’s VivaTech 2024 recap includes over 50 global and European announcements. Highlights included BiPed AI’s obstacle detection software for visually impaired individuals and Everdian’s AI-powered real-time crisis management tool. Tesla’s Cybertruck made its European debut, and Software République unveiled the “U1st Vision” concept for mobile citizen services. Other notable announcements included Dopavision’s therapeutic solutions for ophthalmic conditions and Bioteos’s innovative air purifier using microalgae. These innovations showcased the diversity and depth of technological advancements presented at VivaTech, emphasizing the event’s role as a launchpad for groundbreaking products and solutions.

Commitment to Sustainability

VivaTech 2024 emphasized responsible tech through the Impact Bridge by EDF, featuring initiatives to build a sustainable future. The event’s dedication to environmental issues was recognized with ISO 20-121 certification, reflecting its ongoing CSR efforts. This year’s theme of sustainable tech resonated through the numerous green innovations and discussions focused on reducing the environmental footprint. The event highlighted how startups and established companies collaborate to develop technologies that address climate change and promote sustainability.


VivaTech 2024 Recap: Conclusion and Looking Forward

As VivaTech 2024 concluded, it left an indelible mark as a beacon of innovation and sustainable technology. With its diverse range of speakers, groundbreaking announcements, and a global audience, VivaTech continues to be a pivotal event for shaping the future of technology and business. The insights and connections made at VivaTech will undoubtedly influence the future of innovation, making the world a more connected and sustainable place. The anticipation for next year’s edition is already building, promising to bring even more transformative ideas and innovations to the forefront, solidifying VivaTech’s position as a leading global platform for tech and innovation.

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