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The Future of Climate Tech


As you said, we decided to organize SOSV Climate Tech Summit to connect the emerging ecosystem in climate tech. We invited top speakers and made the event free so that a large number of people could benefit. In particular: early stage founders, people considering creating a climate tech startup, and investors who are new to climate tech. We already have over 2,100 participants registered to the event, including over 600 investors and over 200 corporates. Attendees that take the time to fill in their profile on the platform (we use Hopin) can already reach out to connect to people early, and will have fantastic opportunities to engage with many people interested in climate tech.

Credits: SOSV Climate Tech Summit

Although there’s only 50 speakers booked for this event, the caliber is quite impressive. Which speakers are you looking forward to hearing from the most?

We decided to run a main stage of speakers with a mix of iconic startups and investors in order to cover the topics we like the most, ranging from energy to food or manufacturing. Personally, I am looking forward to hearing from:

  • Bill Gross, who founded over 100 companies and is about to take two companies public: Heliogen (AI-powered thermal solar) and Energy Vault (gravity-based energy storage),
  • Mateo Jaramillo, CEO of Form Energy whom I will interview, as his company could have enormous importance in the future for low-cost scalable energy storage. It is truly the Achilles heel of renewables and if Form can solve that effectively, this could be a $100B+ company.
  • Among younger startups, I’m intrigued by Sublime Systems (decarbonizing cement), Air Protein (protein from air?!) and Shiok Meats (cell-based seafood, from Singapore, which was the first country to legalize cell-based food). All three have female CEOs, by the way.
  • Uma Valeti, founder of Upside Foods, a pioneer in cell-based meat, is rumored to be announcing something at the event…
  • Tony Fadell, creator of the iPod, the iPhone, Nest and now an investor, surely has interesting things to say.
  • Late stage investors Prelude, Temasek and Generate are not often heard in startup circles and I’m curious about their perspectives
  • Last, Stanley Chan (Chen Qiufan) is a sci-fi and climate fiction writer, and I’m sure his views will be mind-opening (I’m currently reading his latest ‘AI 2041’).
  • Did I forget to mention Bill Gates? He’s certainly someone who can articulate the big picture. His book on climate is a great read.

Speaking of speakers, how inclusive/diverse are the voices addressing climate issues at this event?

We have about 50 speakers, including 21 women. As a global firm we also wanted to include voices from outside North America and managed to get several speakers from Europe and Asia, despite the added complexity of time zones.

What are some important themes that will be addressed at this year’s SOSV Climate Tech Summit?

In his book, Bill Gates presented the 5 main sectors that emit greenhouse gases: manufacturing/materials (31%), energy (27%), food & agriculture (19%), transportation, (16%), and heating and cooling buildings (7%). We will cover all of them, but focus some fireside chats and panels on Energy, Food & Ag and manufacturing in this edition. More than anything, we want to highlight the variety of solutions that are being developed- close to 100 startups will be exhibiting in addition to the main stage sessions.

ICYMI this event is happening October 20-21 + registration is FREE


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