TechChill 2024: Embracing Innovation and Resilience in the Baltics


As we prepare for TechChill 2024, the Sesamers team eagerly anticipates being on-site. This event is a major highlight in the Baltic tech world. Join us as we explore what makes TechChill a not-to-miss event this year.

The Heart of Baltic Tech: TechChill’s Unique Influence

TechChill is a conference that has grown from a small birthday celebration for a local tech community into a more significant event within the Baltic ecosystem.

Originally intended as a simple gathering, it has evolved into a platform that offers networking opportunities and a chance to gain skills and expertise, particularly for founders in the region. The event aims to facilitate connections while providing a setting where attendees can interact with various professionals in the tech industry.

TechChill 2024: Emphasizing Resilience and Collaboration in the Baltics

Resilience and collaboration are notable characteristics of the region. This year, TechChill will emphasize these aspects, particularly in relation to defense technology. The event aims to gather a variety of attendees, including investors, experts, and media.

The focus is on supporting founders who are working on enhancing military defense capabilities, a choice that aligns with the current geopolitical landscape.

Special Ukrainian Delegation and Startup Expo

TechChill 2024 is set to display solidarity and support in a meaningful way. The event will welcome a Ukrainian delegation. This group includes 20 startups that are persevering despite significant challenges. The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine has organized this initiative.

It serves to emphasize the tech community’s resilient spirit. Additionally, it gives these startups a stage to demonstrate their resilience and innovative spirit.

Fifty Founders Battle: A Platform for Emerging Startups

A central feature of TechChill since its inception is the Fifty Founders Battle. This pitch competition offers early-stage startups a chance for exposure, experience, and significant support.

With 388 startup applications from 57 countries, this year’s battle is set to be a highlight, showcasing a diverse array of innovative ideas and solutions.

TechChill 2024: A Showcase of Diverse Events and Accessible Activities

At TechChill 2024, attendees will find a wide array of events, like Investor Day, Ecosystem Mixer, and the OpenMic session. The organizers have dedicated the first day to various side events. Many of these are free and open to everyone.

Keynote Speakers

TechChill will feature speakers from various sectors, highlighting topics such as AI, defense tech, and business strategies.

Notable participants include Ivan Tolchinsky from Atlas Dynamics, focusing on defense technology from Ukraine, Peter Sarlin(Silo AI) from Finland discussing AI advancements, and Dan Tyre(HubSpot) from the U.S. covering business development strategies. These speakers have been chosen to address current trends and challenges in technology and startups, providing insights into their respective fields.

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