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Selected Events: November 2023


November 7-9 – Spain

From the bleeding-edge of physics, food, 5G, genomics to fashion, energy, mobility, brain interfaces, IoT, infrastructure and more, PUZZLE X brings the world’s biggest visionaries, industry leaders, innovators, forward-looking governments and civil societies from all different domains to showcase, discuss and chart the future of citizens, cities, industries and societies enabled by Frontier Tech.

Wolves Summit Vienna 2023

November 8-9 – Austria

The Vienna Wolves Summit is a global innovation platform that connects startups with investors, corporations, and accelerators. Located in the heart of Europe, it offers customized matchmaking for meaningful partnerships. With a diverse range of industries represented, the summit fosters collaboration and innovation across various sectors, making it a pivotal event for global business development and entrepreneurship.

Frontiers Health 2023

November 8-10 – Italy

Frontiers Health, a leading global digital health innovation event, gathers thought leaders, policymakers, and innovative companies to address the healthcare challenges and opportunities. The conference focuses on digital therapies, breakthrough technologies, healthcare transformation, investments, and ecosystem development. Attendees can explore the latest digital health developments, attend thought-provoking presentations and workshops, and connect with venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and digital health firms. This event offers valuable insights into how innovation is shaping healthcare and provides opportunities for investment, startup development, and corporate collaborations.


November 8-10 – South Korea

Discover the excitement at COMEUP 2023, the standout startup event in Seoul, organized by the Korea Startup Forum. Bringing together an exclusive lineup of top-tier venture capital firms and accelerators, COMEUP 2023 signals its growing prominence within the global startup ecosystem. This event underscores the pivotal role of the Korea Startup Forum as a major player in South Korea’s thriving startup scene, offering an array of startup-focused programs, from high-stakes pitching competitions to invaluable networking opportunities, sure to ignite innovation and entrepreneurship.

Startup Guide Summit 2023

November 11 – Portugal

The Startup Guide Summit unites startups, investors, public sector representatives, community builders, and key stakeholders from 60+ distinct startup ecosystems. Amidst the vibrant city of Lisbon, the Summit is driven by the central mission of cultivating exchange and collaboration among these multifaceted participants. With a core aim of identifying and aligning innovative solutions with the globe’s most significant challenges, this event not only encourages idea exchange but also hosts a Pitch Competition in collaboration with Impact Shakers.


November 13-16 – Germany

MEDICA stands as one of the world’s largest medical B2B trade fairs. The event is a veritable showcase of innovative products and services in medical imaging, laboratory technology, diagnostics, health IT, mobile health, and more. Attendees can participate in a rich program of top-tier forums, conferences, and special shows, facilitating meaningful discussions with experts and policymakers, and featuring product pitches and award ceremonies. MEDICA 2023 is a must-see for everyone who wants to see the healthcare industry of the future in action.

Web Summit 2023

November 13-16 – Portugal

Over the years, Web Summit events have brought together an impressive number of attendees, totalling half a million individuals across various locations. The core mission of Web Summit centers around developing software that facilitates meaningful connections among a diverse range of individuals: CEOs, founders, investors, media professionals, politicians, and influential figures in the cultural sphere. This gathering of visionaries is collectively driving the transformation of our world.

ai-PULSE 2023

November 17 – France

ai-PULSE, Europe’s premier AI Conference by Scaleway, gathers 1000 attendees, 50 speakers, and features 3 stages. The event focuses on the latest AI trends, the future of machine learning, and the impact of Large Language Models on technology and business. Attendees gain insights into AI technology, products, and business cases. They are connect with experts to shape their 2024 AI strategies, whether for hiring, fundraising, or product development. The conference also offers hands-on support for engineers, code exploration, and cloud architecture insights to advance AI projects.

GreenTech Forum 2023

November 21-22 – France

The GreenTech Forum stands as a pivotal professional gathering at the forefront of the digital and environmental intersection. In the context of the growing significance of digital greenhouse gas emissions, this event is a vital platform for those committed to GreenIT and IT for Green. GreenTech Forum offers a unique space for stakeholders in the digital and environmental domains to convene, discuss critical issues, share their expertise, and shape the future of sustainable technology in Europe. The event features a rich program of conferences, workshops, and an expansive exhibition and networking space, making it an essential occasion for professionals across various functions within both private and public organizations.

Immersive Tech Week 2023

November 28- December 1 – Netherlands

Immersive Tech Week, hosted by the VRDays Europe Foundation, unites 150+ XR experts for discussions and networking in the metaverse and immersive tech space. It covers vital topics such as VR, AR, XR, AI, Web3, Web4, and haptics. Each day spotlights the practical implementation of immersive technology across various industries, including healthcare, education, life sciences, creative sectors, and media. This event stands as a key hub for those shaping the future of immersive tech.

Slush 2023

November 30- December 1 – Finland

The upcoming Slush 2023 event offers an action-packed schedule spanning two days, packed with captivating stage programs. Alongside these main programs, attendees can also participate in a range of side events, engaging talks at networking sessions, interactive roundtable discussions, and facilitated workshops. The speaker line-up is nothing short of exceptional, featuring accomplished founders, renowned investors, and influential figures from the startup and tech community.


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