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Selected Events Calendar – Week 40


HealthTech Innovation Days 2021

October 4-5  – Paris
The HTID® demonstrates that access to innovative care for all depends on the right funding and partnership in-between actors in health and finance. This event will accelerate patient access to healthcare solutions and contribute to building a stronger ecosystem.

South Summit 2021

October 5-7 – Spain
South Summit is an invitation to the global innovation ecosystem to be part of transforming economies based on 4 main pillars: Sustainability, Connection, Innovation and Business.

F for Femme 2021

October 6 – Paris
One of the leading European conferences promoting female entrepreneurship and gender diversity. Brilliant women have been invited to share their experience and expertise on four key challenges: health, climate change, space and money.

IT Arena 2021: Beyond Virtual

October 7-9 – Ukraine
IT Arena aims to maximize opportunities for IRL networking & communication while staying connected to a global audience via its flagship online platform. Productive networking, business matchmaking, and festival spirit remain IT Arena trademarks, but this year, adapt to the socially distanced reality we’re living in.


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