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Selected Events Calendar – Week 15

Paris NFT Day 2022

April 12 – France
Paris NFT Day, will gather some of the biggest players in metaverse, security, art, luxury, gaming and sports to unveil the true potential of NFTs and how they will remodel tomorrow’s business paradigms. Paris NFT Day will journey into the business of NFTS and the Web3 ecosystem.

Startup Grind Global Conference 2022

April 12-13 – USA
Overall, 15,000 community members will come together to learn and explore the next wave of the web, bridging the gap between web2 and web3, building human-centric products, impacting diverse communities.  Built for growing, evolving startups + scale-ups around the world. Join Global 2022 for meaningful networking and mentorship, developing deeper connections.

Paris Blockchain Week Summit 2022

April 13-14 – France
During two days, PBWS will host sessions about traceability, leveraging blockchain on the innovation journey, digital governance, what’s been built in 2021/2022, the state of digital asset liquidity and international regulatory cooperation. Renowned speakers from the some of the best blockchain and digital asset companies in the world will share their stories and insights on the market and its prospects.

MIX.E Energy Show

April 13-14 – France
MIX.E, will bring together european innovations, solutions and deployments for a carbon-neutral energy mix: renewables, hydrogen, storage and conversion solutions, networks and data management. With some applications in: Industrial use, Construction, Transportation & Urban planning. All engaged to achieve carbon neutrality by resilient and value-creating businesses.


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